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    *Insert Witty Title Here* OU RMT

    I made this team a few days ago. So far on shoddy it has a 5:1 win ratio. So rate~ Swampert @ Leftovers Torrent 252 HP/176 Def/80 SDef Careful - Counter - Mirror Coat - Stealth Rock - Protect This is a pretty fun set to play around with. Counter and Mirror coat are used to...
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    What makes Pokemon special?

    All pokemon games are very addicting and I feel there is something special about them. I've been playing pokemon for a while and in my opinion there is no other game out there like it. I mean it can get people who have no respect for RPG's addicted to the game and soon enough they become pokemon...
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    4OUs 2UUs-RMT

    I’ve tested this team on shoddy and it works out pretty good. I'm usually a UU battler, but I wanted to make a mixed tier team. Just wondering if there are any flaws so far before I go complete it. Uxie@choice scarf Ability: Levitate Nature: Impish EVs: 252hp 104Def 152Spe Zen Headbutt...