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    Here Comes the Sun

    Here comes the Sun Introduction Hey everyone, this is one of your boring OU weather teams that you can find everywhere. But Sandstorm and Rain became so overated, while Sun and Hail are slowly going down, so I decided to build a Sun team. It did well, since it peaked (11:05:10) *** Your rank...
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    Can't think of a title

    Hey everybody I'm too lazy to think of a title. Introduction Hyper Offense became popular recently, and idk why, it just minizes prediction and blabla. But who cares, this is a standard OU team, and I'm trying to counter HO as much as possible. Yes, I created this team to laugh at HO teams, but...
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    Sandpocalypse - An OU RMT

    Sandpocalypse Introduction Hey everyone, this is my first OU team, and decided to start with one of the most popular kind of teams in this generation: Weather Teams. This is a sandstorm team, and the main reason I did this is so I can get used to the 5th gen metagame, abusing entry hazards...
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    New Team! Rate please!

    EDIT:Since many of you are saying that this is from the most overused list of smogon, YES IT IS I checked that list and made an OU team, I've always played with UU and RU teams!!! Hello! This time I'm not doing a mono type team so I'm trying to do a real team for the first time lol... So I'm...
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    Water Rainy Team!

    So with the new Drizzle Politoed, everyone is making rainy teams and it became so popular so I tought I would make a rainy team... with only water types!!! And something to cover up their grass/electric weakness Here's the team! (sorry for my bad english) Politoed @ Leftovers/ Choice Specs...
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    Hello there!

    I'm new here!!! xD so I would like to learn about competitive battle, and I also like trades! I have female DW pokemons!