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    Back in the game

    So, as of late I look at my first attempt at a fanfiction and shudder. With names of me and all my friends, overpowered Pokemon, unrealistic travel times, update frequency and the altogether abandonment of the fic. The only real problem in the present day is I still love writing with a passion...
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    Sandy Christmas?

    Christmas Team First RMT. I was going about making a Christmas team with the Stereotypical Delibird, Sawsbuck, and others while I chatted with my friend on th PO chat. She Jokingly said ‘you should make a sand Christmas team’ so here we are. I used this some competitively, then was bored...
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    So, what is your opinion on Covers? I personally like them, many songs i had no interest in were made much better in my mind do to a song cover. Personally I like it better when people that are actual singers perform a song from someone in there genre ie: Paramore performing Kings of Leon But...
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    Evil Team's structure

    One of the things I'v noticed Is that the several of the Evil Team's have little structure. Team Rocket had Admins, Big boss, but forgot to tell mister foreign they disbanded and he decided to steal stuff. Also they had a few Big bosses, though I am reffering to the freshest one in my memory...
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    Large Battles

    On the current Chapter I am writing the Protagonists are in a huge battle with most of the opposing side. The way I have written these so far is to focus on one battle between two people in particular and every once in a while have glimpses of the outside battle. As I'm writing this chapter...
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    Why the haters?

    (If this exists i apoligize in advance) whether it's Hax, Crits, Appearance, Movesets, Pokemon released before others, Anime character's teams, or any other aspect there are people who absolutely hate a Pokemon, the Franchise or an entire Region just because of these things. Personally, I...
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    The Coming War

    This Is my first Pokemon FanFiction, so please, bear with me as much as you can. This is just the very long prologue. I hope you enjoy this as much as I enjoyed writing it. It is rated Pg-15 for language, violence, gun references and a few sexual themes...