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    Which Rosa Ship?

    Here's another Shipping Poll for this diverse community, this time with ships involving Rosa/Mei from BW2! So, which do you like? I like all of them by the way. Even the ones which are NOT on this poll. *my new fandom bicycle* ;D
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    Gravity Falls discussion

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gravity_Falls So, does anyone else here like this show as much as I do? I love it, and the theme song is amazingly addicting. The mysterious feel of the show also adds to its charm, as well as the humor and art style. The animation is amazing and fluid at times...
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    Misc. Anime/Manga Shipping Thread

    I didn't see anything like this so... This is a thread for shippings in animes/mangas that are not popular or well-known enough to warrant their own threads and fuel a discussion. General rules apply: No multi posting, No flaming/bashing, etc, etc. My favorite anime pairing as of...
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    Shipping Misconceptions

    Approved by Skiyomi, thanks! This thread is for the sole purpose of debunking most commonly seen misconceptions against certain ships. Some examples: Shipping: Pearlshipping Topic: high fives and the Pearlshippers' views on them Misconception: "So high fiving your friend is supposed to mean...
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    Just some drawings of mine.

    Can I have a critique or two on this pic I drew recently? I want to know if there's any way I can improve, so I'll be posting some of my finished stuff here over time. (: Accelgor & Serperior http://patori-san.deviantart.com/#/d51gzsx
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    PokeSpe Shippings

    So I was thinking, "Why don't we have a Thread for this yet?" and lo and behold, here I am making it. It's relatively simple: What ships from the Pokemon Special/Adventures manga do you like/support? As for me, my main 'Spe ships consist of: Special, OldRival, MangaQuest, Frantic, Entourage...
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    Shipping Picture Thread - Share the love!

    Welcome to the new Shipping Picture thread! With permission and some help from Vycksta, I've been allowed to remake this thread. Here you can post as many Shipping pictures as you want and spread the love for any particular pairing/poly ships that you like~ Share shippy screenshots, post shippy...
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    It's Tasting Time! Cilan/Dento Fanclub

    Welcome to the most fabulous club on SPPf! In this club, fans of the Pokemon character Cilan/Dento can discuss to their heart's content about the green-topped Gym Leader of the Unova region. We may also talk about his brothers, Chili and Cress, but it's obvious that they won't be the main...
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    [✗] The Ash K./Satoshi Fan Club v3

    The Ash Ketchum/Satoshi Fan Club ✪ SPOILER WARNING: 'CUZ SPOILERS ARE FUN. We'll probably end up discussing things concerning episodes that haven't been dubbed into English or aired in the US. Read at you're own risk of being spoiled! Welcome everyone! As we all know, the last club died...
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    Rhymes with...

    Okay, since there wasn't any other game like this... well, I'd like to try it out. c: RULES (just two of 'em needed): - no offensive words or curse words! There are young posters in the Game area, and I want to avoid problems. >> - no fake or made up words! It's not exactly fair, y'know...
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    Pearlshipping General Discussion - 3.0 *Spoiler Warning!*

    Welcome to the Pearlshipping Thread version 3.0! http://img812.imageshack.us/img812/5681/satohikaplay.gif What is Pearlshipping? Well, Pearlshipping is the belief that the characters Ash (Satoshi) and Dawn (Hikari) should be in a romantic relationship! Here you can discuss their interactions...
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    ::The Tag Battle Partners Club:: V.2~

    Welcome to the... .::Tag Battle Partners Club::. The Club is alive yet again! Yay! Are you a fan of these Trainers who give you a helping hand in Pokemon Diamond/Pearl and Platinum? Well, join this club! Here, you can discuss your favorite Partner whether it be from the Anime, Games, talk...
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    Hello fellow pokelovers!

    I usually don't create accounts like this but for pokemon i would do any thing!;) I hope to make lots and lots of pokefriends so don't be shy to say hi to me! I play pearl and I succesfully(literally without cheating) got 4 stars on my card!!(I know OMG!) so, again do say hi and goodbye.