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  1. RegiGuy

    5th gen OU team

    Well, this is basically a team that I composed of that I would like to use for OU but I'm not sure about it yet. ;073; @ Black Sludge Ability: Rain Dish EVs 252Hp/ 240 Def/ 16 Spe Nature: Timid ~Toxic Spikes ~Rapid Spin ~Scald ~Ice Beam This is my lead guy...
  2. RegiGuy

    Battle Tower Stall Team 5th Gen

    This will be my future team for the Battle Tower super single train. I would just like to see if it will do any good. Keep in mind that you can’t have the same item on both Pokémon in the battle tower so don’t change Mandibuzz’s item to Leftovers. I also wanted to try to only use 5th gen Pokémon...
  3. RegiGuy

    White stall team OU RMT

    These Pokémon on my team that I believe are going to be in OU. So don’t spam me saying that that Pokémon is illegal or something like that. Anyways, here they are. This is also for singles and I have never tested out the team. ;319; Sharpedo @ Focus Sash EVs: 148 Att/ 252 SpAtt/ 108 Spe...