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  1. janejane6178

    Which main game has the best replay value for you?

    Hi, which main game makes u want to replay it more and more without getting bored? Im talking about playing the main story plot (including post game). For me its gen 3-6. It wont be Swsh for sure since the region is dull and has no sense of exploration.
  2. janejane6178

    Are you currently replaying any of the older Pokemon games?

    Are you currently replaying any of the older Pokemon games? If so - which ones? How is it? How does it feel compared to playing the newest titles - SWSH? Im currently replaying ORAS and replayed X 2 weeks ago. Its very nice. There is alot more to explore and see compared to SWSH.
  3. janejane6178

    LF: Shiny Eiscue and Cufant

    Hello=] Im looking for shiny and competitive Eiscue and for Cufant with good IV's, Heavy Metal. What I have to offer: Competitive battle items, 5/6 IV's Pokemon. Thankyou and have a nice day <3
  4. janejane6178

    Favourite wild battle music

    Hello, which gen had your favourite wild battle music? <3 Please explain why. - Including gen 8's one cuz we already know it - Each gen represents the region its related to (gen 4 -> Sinnoh, gen 6-> Kalos, etc...)
  5. janejane6178

    Lf Spritzee with Sachet

    Hey, I would be really greatful if some1 has a low lvled (Prefebely lvl1) Spritzee with a Sachet, so it could evolve to Aromatisse <3 Thankyou very much =]
  6. janejane6178

    Best starters trio

    So what's the best starts trio in your opinion? Including the base forms and the final stages. and Also why this trio particularly? Please explain your answer My favourite starters trio is gen 3's, since its the only gen which I liked ALL of the starters and their final stages. <3
  7. janejane6178

    Player’s mom

    Lets talk anout it - Why do the main Pokemon players only have a mother and not a dad? (Except gen3). I never really knew the reason for that lol
  8. janejane6178

    The game's titles

    Hello=] Post the new gen game's possible title names here=] I cant think of any plausible names...... (Assuming it'll still be 2 versions)
  9. janejane6178

    Best poke girl name (based on name ONLY)

    Hi, so what's the best Poke girl name in your opinion ? (The english names) Again- please base your choise on name only and NOT on the character behaviour etc). Regarless, I think that ALL of the names are very unique and elegant. it makes the choise very difficult for me
  10. janejane6178

    Why doesnt Serena get a special episode?

    Hi, so it's been like 1.5 years since Sun & Moon anime has started and there's no sign of a Serena's episode.. All of the previous girls had their special epsiodes or/and anime cameos. Do you think that the writers decided to give up on her?