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    R.I.P., Elisabeth Sladen

    R.I.P. Elizabeth Sladen 1 February 1946 - 19 April 2011 I'm so sad that I'm even making this post, but since I can't see one already, I think that such an amazing and treasured actress deserves one. Elisabeth Sladen, best known for playing Sarah Jane Smith in the world's longest-running and...
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    DW: The Mind Machine (Eleventh Doctor Story)

    I'm toying with this idea...please tell me if it's good or not!! Thanks :) THE MIND MACHINE - CHAPTER ONE Once again, Amy felt the unbeatable thrill, that unceasing pleasure of making her way to the TARDIS doors, wondering what other world or galaxy or city lay beyond. She could feel...
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    Burning Cold (Doctor Who Christmas ScriptFic)

    A script I wrote for the festive period. This is part one. Part two shall come later, and part three on christmas week :P It's in a script format, so if you are not familiar with it then don't worry, it's easy to read :) Tell me what you think! BURNING COLD - PART ONE SYNOPSIS...
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    General Election Thread

    Labour, Conservative, Liberal Democrat, or Other?
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    Doctor Who

    Does anyone watch Doctor Who? I know the new series premiered yesterday for those in America, and tonight for those Ozzies among us. For people in the UK, like me, last night saw the return of the Daleks, plus the introduction of the new series design which looks awesome, I will add. Anyone...
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    Fifth Final Destination movie confirmed

    A fifth movie in the Final Destination franchise has been confirmed. Warner Bros. have announced that they will be governing the fifth installment, which will also be shot in 3D much like it's predecessor.
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    Final Destination 5 (PG-15)

    The old thread went away, and I've revamped the first chapter anyway, so yeah. Enjoy ^^ The Yasmin Bridge stood, tall and proud, a monument to the modern age. It was a long and impressive looking concrete structure, with arches of concrete and stone running the length, with strong cords of...
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    Frozen Britain

    Top story today in england, there are severe weather warnings all over england, with it being -8 degrees in some parts of the country. There are cars and lorries skidding all over, airports are closing, lorries have skidded and tipped over, the motorways are clogged up, and to make it even...
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    Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise

    Final Destination 5: Death's Reprise PG-15 PG-15 Hi! So, I'm back, and after seeing the absolutely amazing 'The Final Destination' in HD-3D, plus re watching the previous three movies, I was inspired to write my own one. I may be slow updatnig, so please bear with me. Chapter One...
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    Death Note - One Shot - VERY SHORT

    Try and work out the secret message. Everynight, the same howling echoed through the area, like a foghorn, piercing the cool calm of the night. Very tightly covering his ears, the small, 8 year old boy was frightened in his bed, trying to get some sleep. Even then, with his hands clamepd...
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    The Path Towards Home PG-14

    Hello! This is a FanFic inspired by the two greatest programs I've ever seen, BBC's 'Life On Mars' and 'Ashes To Ashes'. It was previously made under the name of 'The Crystalline Coma' but, unfortunately, it didn't turn out well. But, I'm determined to make it work, so I've totally revamped it...
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    My team: In or Out?

    I'm not one much for Ev training, but this is the team I have, and I'd like to know if it could improve a bit. ;196; ESPEON/ Psyche Lv.71 Attacks: Psychic Iron tail Psybeam Shadow Ball Item: ? ;430; HONCHKROW/ Haggy Lv. 69 Attacks: Night Slash Fly Defog Aerial Ace item...
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    The Crystalline Coma

    Angela Crystalline had an accident. She went into a coma. As she wakes up, she notices things that are slightly different, slightly... unreal. As she begins to wander the pokemon world, in search of a place to go, she begins to wonder the same question: 'Did I wake up, am I still in a coma...
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    Shrine of Darkness

    The story of Adrian, who conquered the Hoenn league after being too late to enter the Sinnoh league. Now he's back, and trying to get into this years Sinnoh league, but weird time barriers keep cropping up, and restrict him to certain extents. Eterna forest is the Epicentre of all the evils, and...