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  1. 345ash-greninja

    Protagonists Face-Off; Winner: Edward Elric

    Well I was thinking a lot about creating this Face-Off cuz I thought that a protagonist one was really needed with @shoz999 's Antagonists Face-Off being around, so I finally decided it. Plus I do have a lot of free time during these days....so yeah why not. You can call this thread a...
  2. 345ash-greninja

    Vinland Saga Discussion Thread

    Hi guys, so this is a thread about the currently airing anime Vinland Saga and the manga where it's adapted from. This currently airing anime has created a lot of hype amidst the fans as of late and is in general very highly rated/acclaimed by several people based on what I've seen so far, so I...
  3. 345ash-greninja

    Animated Anti-Heroes Face-Off V3; Champion Of The Champions: Kiritsugu Emiya

    Hi guys, this will be a Face-Off between anti-heroes, a.k.a. anti-heroes of animated TV shows. Here, all kinds of fictional anti-heroes from TV shows that are animated will get to Face-Off against each other. Let's first make it clear at first the definition of what constitutes an anti-hero...
  4. 345ash-greninja

    Animated Protagonists Face-Off; Champion: Shaggy

    Hi guys, this will be a Face-Off between protagonists, a.k.a. heroes of animated TV shows. Here, all kinds of fictional protagonists from TV shows that are animated will get to Face-Off against each other. This thread was inspired by @keepitsimple 's Villains Face-Off thread. Rules/How it...
  5. 345ash-greninja

    Anime Character Face-Off; Champion Of The Champions: Ash's Gible

    This will be a Face-Off between anime characters, a.k.a. characters from all around the anime world will get to Face-Off here. Rules/How it works: 1) All SPPF General, Games and Face-Off rules apply. 2) The candidates (a.k.a. anime characters) in this Face-Off would be determined by...
  6. 345ash-greninja

    FullMetal Alchemist ---> Character Face-Off, 03 vs Brotherhood; Winner: Team Brotherhood

    This is a Face-Off between all the notable and memorable characters of the widely popular, universally praised and highly acclaimed anime show FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. The show is my most favorite anime of all time, I simply love that show and as a matter of fact, I have seen several...
  7. 345ash-greninja

    Digimon Adventure Face-Off

    This is a Face-Off between all the Digidestined of Digimon Adventure (02 Digidestined included). Inspired by @-Nator- 's recently start Yu-Gi-Oh! DM Face-Off Thread, I thought that I should also create a similar Face-Off thread for one of my most favourite animé series that is Digimon Adventure...
  8. 345ash-greninja

    Was the rest of Alain's Pokèmon except Charizard given to him by Team Flare?

    Hi guys, this is something which just intruiges me a bit. Alain was a character we knew long ago before XY&Z started, in the Mega Evolution Acts he was already a developed and well established character. But one thing we all know is that he never used any other Pokémon other than his Charizard...
  9. 345ash-greninja

    The Official FIFA World Cup 2018 Thread

    Hi guys! We all know how much hype and craze has arose among soccer fans throughout the world regarding the FIFA World Cup 2018. Plenty of thrilling and amazing football action has been going on in the current FIFA World Cup. With Soccer being such a popular sport in the world, and especially...
  10. 345ash-greninja

    The best feat of Ash's Pikachu so far in the Pokemon anime

    Throughout the history of the Pokemon, our raven haired hero Ash Ketchum has won plenty of battles with his trusty and lifelong partner Pikachu, who has been along with Ash since the start of his journey as a Pokemon trainer. So far Ash's starter and lifelong partner has displayed many...
  11. 345ash-greninja

    The best League in the anime so far

    So which of the six regional Leagues, in all of which Ash has participated, do you guys think to be the best?
  12. 345ash-greninja

    The best feat displayed by Ash's Pokemon so far in the Anime

    So which feat among this do you guys think to be the best?