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  1. ellie

    Moderator Applications

    Hello SPPf members, The SPPf staff has decided to open up applications for new moderators. We will mainly be considering members who have been active since at least January 2018, but anyone with an account older than 6 months is eligible to apply. The survey is here...
  2. ellie

    New Games Announced!

    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon have been revealed as the next main series games. You can discuss them here. Pokken DX can be discussed in the current forum for Pokken And Gold and Silver have been announced for a re-release on the virtual console, and can be discussed in the for the...
  3. ellie

    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Discussion Rules

    Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Discussion Rules 0. All standard other rules apply. 1. Do not spam or post unsubstantiated rumors as fact. 2. Do not flame or insult other users. Disagreements happen, but keep it civil. 3. Please avoid discussing fanart of Pokemon here, including of...
  4. ellie

    Character Discussion & Speculation Thread

    Discuss any characters revealed to be in Pokémon _ here.
  5. ellie

    New Pokémon/Formes Discussion & Speculation

    New Pokémon/Formes Discussion & Speculation Discuss any new Pokémon/formes revealed to be in Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon here.
  6. ellie

    General Discussion & Speculation Thread

    Post any speculation about Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon here. Please do not post rumors without any evidence and remember to stay civil.
  7. ellie

    Super Mario Run Friend Thread

    Add friends for Super Mario Run here! If anyone is interested in adding me, my code is 8926-0691-3926
  8. ellie

    Miitomo Friend Thread

    Post here to add friends on Nintendo's social mobile app Miitomo! To add friends, you may go to Friends -> Add Friends -> Invite -> Other. This will give you a link that we can click that is good for 14 days. If you still want more friends after that, you will need to redo the link.
  9. ellie

    Festival Plaza Shop Exchange Thread

    Exchange Festival Plaza buildings here! Please remember to follow all other SPPf and Trade Forum rules. Tip: In order to avoid moochers, don't set the building you are offering as your first building until you have agreed on a trade with someone. In addition, be sure to properly report...
  10. ellie

    Chan Luu x Pokemon Bracelet Collaboration

    LA-based designer Chan Luu is doing a new collaboration with Pokemon to make some bracelets! Here is the official Japanese site's information about it. There are four different bracelets: Pikachu, Mew, Espeon, and Umbreon. Each bracelet comes in either a single-bracelet (15,000 yen) or...
  11. ellie

    Pokemon Halloween Circus 2016

    This year's Pokemon Halloween merchandise is up on the Amazon JP Pokemon Center website (link in the information repository at the top of this section) for preorder, and it's adorable as ever! This page appears to have most of the new merch listed, but I did see some charms that aren't shown...
  12. ellie

    Pokemon TCG Online (PTCGO) General Discussion

    Discuss the official Pokemon TCG computer/tablet program Pokemon TCG Online (PTCGO) here! FAQ: How do I get started? Max out any theme decks you have in the trainer challenge to get free packs; each theme deck you buy from the shop or redeem via a code will also net you free packs, so try to...
  13. ellie

    Pokemon TCG Online (PTCGO) Trading Thread

    Post your haves/wants in PTCGO here. Please post only once per page (25 posts) and only post lists here; do all communicating about trades via pm/vm and edit your post when a trade has been completed. You must also post your full list within a post in this thread; do not link to off-site pages...
  14. ellie

    2017 Standard Format Rotation

    If you didn't already know, yesterday the standard format changed, rotating out the following sets: XY - Kalos Starter Set XY XY - Flashfire XY - Furious Fists XY - Phantom Forces XY black star promos 35 and below The official Pokemon website has more information. What do you think...
  15. ellie

    Name Changes Thread - Read the entire first post

    NAME CHANGE THREAD Read EVERYTHING below before posting Welcome to the next round of the name change thread! Be sure you read everything below because if you don't you may get infracted and/or not get your name changed. This thread will only be opened twice a year, for one month at a time...
  16. ellie

    Fire Emblem Fates Castle Address Sharing Thread

    Post your My Castle codes here! If you'd like, include any notable skills/etc that you have in your post, so people searching to buy skills can easily find them. Here's mine for an example: Conquest Version Castle Address: 13106-25425-79873-58557 Name: Ft. Ellie Notable Skills: Corrin- Astra...
  17. ellie

    New Red and Green nendoroids revealed

    http://moonlitsaki.com/2016/02/pocket-monsters-red-green-nendoroid-good-smile-company-announced-preorder-information-revealed.html Preorders will open February 27th and close March 31st so you have a bit of time to get some money together if you need to. I would definitely recommend getting...
  18. ellie

    Pokemon Chiku Chiku Sewing

    Another adorable new line for me to get obsessed with... This line has a bunch of stationary type of items like clear files, stationary, tape, etc, some dishware items like a plate and a lunch box, some other random things... But the best part is, of course, the plush There are two...
  19. ellie

    Name Changes Thread

    NAME CHANGE THREAD Read EVERYTHING below before posting Welcome to the next round of the name change thread! Be sure you read everything below because if you don't you may get infracted and/or not get your name changed. This thread will only be opened twice a year, for one month at a...
  20. ellie


    discuss anything about makeup here! favorite products, tips and tricks with applying, advice on finding what's right for you, face of the day... etc. i'll start off with some lip products that i just got from sephora recently. i've never been a huge lip person since my lipstick always seems...