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    Wii VGA Cable Nub. Requiring Some Assistance.

    Wow, never posted here before, but there is a first for everything I suppose. Anyway, I'm planning on using my computer monitor as my primary display for my Wii soon, and a VGA cable allows that. So I went around finding the best one for my needs. I stumbled upon this one: Linky Now it has...
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    Unobtainable Underground Goods?

    For those who still remember the RSE days of Secret Bases, the days where we could conveniently use and manipulate them to EV train, and where we easily decorated them using dolls, doors, shelves and so fourth, it's likely you have heard of the unobtainable Regi dolls, no? They were present in...
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    Looking for "Legit/Legit-looking" NYC Mew and Others

    Due to the unknown origin of this elusive creature (why Chris, why must you acknowledge an event Pokemon if you don't know its data? I can't even find any proof it even exists. >_>) I need you to post this information of your NYC Mew before any transaction (trade) shall be made: Your Mew's...
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    I have event Pokemon & Shinies! (Shaymins too?)

    What I can offer! All my Pokemon are legit/semi-legit. Semi-legit means they were obtained via a glitch or whatever. :Promo Pokemon: JAA Raikou (Don't know if it's cloned/not) JAA Entei (Same) JAA Latias (Same) JAA Pikachu (Hopefully you have a high enough IQ to understand this trend) 5 shiny...
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    Test Battle

    Test Battle (Free Manaphy egg included) Could someone with the US version be willing to partake in a test battle? Rules: 1 vs 1 Single Battle No Double Team Sleep Clause Level 100 boost. I'll personally be using a Rattata, please tell me what you shall be using. Please use my...
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    Flying Pikachu?

    Since Wi-Fi trading will only get more abundant as D/P goes international, I'm curious to how to avoid hacks; especially event Pokemon. So I obtained a so-called "legit" Flying Pikachu from my friend who likes to travel (or at least is rich enough to >_>), so he gave me a Flying Pikachu from...
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    Pal Park Guide

    Seeing as questions about Pal Park are constantly repeated, asking almost the same questions over and over, I decided to write this guide. I'm quite sure this will benefit the GameFAQs/GameSpot board for than that of SerebiiForums, then again, SerebiiForums is not Purge-happy. I will start...
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    Have they stooped THIS low?

    While searching through eBay to find valuable digital collectibles (promo Pokemon) to trade via Wi-Fi later, I came upon by far the best Pokemon game ever. You want to see the awesomeness? It's here. Don't you think it's cool? I mean look, the Tales of Symphonia version of Aska is on the...
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    Discussion about effectiveness of previous battling methods

    Sorry if this belongs in the Competitive Battling board. However, seeing as that board is used for rating teams, not battling methods, or discussions at that, this place seems more appropriate. Okay, I seemed to of noticed that the Meta game of this gen will be very different from the 3rd gen...
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    The NEW Anti-Cloning Club

    Learn about the club! Click here? New Owner Leebui Moderators Dig-kun [120 points] K3v1n [160 points] Inactive Moderators? BlazikenBud [75 points] Rabid Jigglypuff [285 points] Virtual Chatot [145 points] nasoj1113 [110 points] Prof. Jolteon [75 points] Banners You...
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    Question About D/P Box Rating and Other Stuff

    After scrolling through various import sites, Amazon.co.jp, heck, even YHJ, I couldn't help but notice that some boxes contain a different Cero rating (in terms of lettering, the ratings are the same). One box has the 'A' meaning "For all ages" which is the box example I found off Play-Asia...
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    Disc Version of Shiny Zigzagoon Disc

    Well, I was thinking of trying to buy the Zigzagoon Disc off eBay. I very recently found a Interactive Demo Disc Version 16, tried to win, but was killed off at the last many because I had to eat lunch and I was overbid. =\ However, I'm still confused at what version disc the Shiny Zigzagoon...
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    Anyone want to get rid of their Celebi Disc for $$?

    Note: This is not about the U.S Bonus Disc for Jirachi, this is for the JPN Bonus Disc containing Celebi! Please DO NOT post anything off-topic of Celebi, which does not equal Jirachi. Okay, this thread has the probability of 0.00001% of working, and I will be given the title of "n00b 4everz"...