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    Marilyn Monroe Lineart.

    Yeah, the title sums it up very good. I was experimenting with the Pen Tool and I found how incredible it was. I was looking for some random old pictures and I come across a Marilyn Monroe one so I said: "Heck, why not?" And yeah, this is the result: Comments appreciated, C+C too, even though...
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    The funkiest shop is here.

    Lalala… uh, visitors. Hey, 31st here, and this is… well… my shop. Yeah, don’t expect super wow Photoshop banners, you’ll see basics about spriting here. Plain and simple. Don’t be fooled by my level! I was once a great Orange League Trainer. Wait, that was crappy, tee hee. Anyway, you are the...
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    Har har, hello.

    Been posting a little but, still a newbie :o So I'm 31st Funk, which the name has been taken by the soundtrack song of a game, and I like, lot's of things. I like Pokemon, but not as much as other people here. This place, it's nice, but it needs some work, like the avatars, I don't really want...