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  1. J

    EV spread help

    I need advice on EV spread for 2 pokemon. The first is... Skarmory (standard skarm set) Impish? Whirlwind Spikes Sub Drill Peck I already know 252 Hp but i dont know what else the 2nd pokemon is... Metagross( possibly a CBgross ) Adamant Meteor mash explosion EQ Shadow Ball/...
  2. J

    CBcross help

    This is what I've thought of so far... Heracross@Choice Band Nature??? EV's??? Guts -Facade -Megahorn -Earthquake -???(Don't want to waste a move tutor if possible.) I was thinking maybe Adamant and a 252 Atk/252 Spd/6 Hp Spread. If I'm doing something wrong, please criticize =P
  3. J

    Need help on starting a Snorlax

    I'm playing Emerald and I want to start a Snorlax as follows: Snorlax-(Brave or Adamant)@Leftovers 252 Atk/252 Def/6 HP (Definitely going to change, need suggestions though) Body Slam Earthquake Rest (Maybe Amnesia?) ----------- Any suggestions??