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    How do you sort your boxes?

    I always find this really annoying. I have so many pokemon scattered around. And I considered sorting them in the order of their national dex numbers, but that would take so much work. Atm I have a 'trade' box, a couple 'kanto' boxes, a couple 'unova' boxes, and everything else is just a mess...
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    Why do so many people hate on Gen I enthusiasts?

    From what I can tell, as merely an observer, people tend to hold the first pokemon game they ever picked up closest to their heart. If your first game was Diamond/Pearl, you might find yourself more drawn to the game that introduced you to the Pokemon world. Which is why I don't understand...
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    I'm new here. But I'm not new to pokemon haha. I've loved it since I was 5 :P I currently have 0 friends on my pal pad in black. So if you wanna trade, or battle, or just goof off, I'd be honored to add you :)
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    Do you give the game characters voices in your head?

    I always do... And sometimes I can't stop laughing, cause someone will be in the middle of a dramatic speech, but I'll imagine them saying it in ed's voice from ed edd and eddy. Buuut on a more serious note, I always imagined N's voice as really calm, and cheren's as more enthusiastic and a...