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    夢の影の夢の店(yumenokage's shop of dreams)夢の影の夢の店

    夢の影の夢の店 News 9/6 Open for business! The format is still a bit messy, so please bear with me while I work on making it a bit neater! 9/7 Counted/catalogued my boxes of vulpixes for offer. Will work on cataloging the specifics and numbers of other species I have a lot of when I have time...
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    Pokemon occurence rate by area type

    So, I've seen a few scattered posts about this, but no thread to tackle the specific topic, so I decided to make one. Basically, what I want to gather data on is this: what area types (terrain, urbanness, general area of the globe, etc.) lead to what kinds of pokemon being common? Be as...