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    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy

    Theatrhythm Final Fantasy It's a 3DS game coming out in the Winter in Japan. Seems to be a Dissidia sequel, but its genre is... Theatre Rhythm Action? So yeah, it's an Elite Beat Agents/Beatmania-esque game based on Final Fantasy songs, it would appear, with 3 songs from each of the first 13...
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    Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon Friend Code Thread

    With its release in Europe yesterday, I thought it right to make a Friend Code thread for it. For loaning units and battling. The List Blazios: 210624185784 japanfreak: 146199570832 Sylvan: 330883624286
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    Level 50 All, 6vs6, Standard, if you please. FC is 1547-3727-7217. And I shall record for Youtube. I wish this place was less... dead.
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    Sonic Chronicles

    Aye, it comes out on Friday in Europe, Thursday in Australia and next Tuesday in America so I thought we would need a thread about it (Two days early, but who cares?). Anybody else getting it? I thought I'd see how BioWare does with it. That, and I can afford it, and that greatly annoys my...
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    Animal Crossing: City Folk Official Discussion Thread

    Animal Crossing: City Folk. Revealed at E3. It's been confirmed that as well as the town you know and love, it also contains a new city area, with old and new faces, including Gracie at GracieGrace, where you can buy Gracie items (run by Labelle), Harriet (The hairdresser from Wild World) where...
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    Virtual Console Recording Problem

    I would appreciate some help. I have a Phillips Dual Media DVD recorder, and am trying to record a Virtual Console. However, when I try to record, the message, "TV type does not match" appears. I don't know what's wrong as regular Wii games, Gamecube games, and WiiWare games all record perfectly...
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    Caption the Profile Picture Above You

    Simple. Create a caption for the User Profile Picture of the Person who last posted. Found to the left of the person's name and user title in their profile (e.g. my pic with Luigi and Captain Falcon) (Click here to see where it is if you still can't find it). ...That's all.
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    Official Mario Kart Wii Code Thread

    Post MKWii Friend Codes here for Races, Battles and Time Trials, etc. Add nickname if you want. It is generally common for PMs to be exchanged before transfer of Friend Codes. The List (s.i.e) (thijs): 3180-0068-8067 AerialAce!: 3523-2595-5751 Alzi (Alzi): 1633-4528-7939 Amanda77...
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    The Advance Wars: Days of Ruin/Dark Conflict Thread

    I believe the old thread is now dead. Just wanted to know who else has this game and what they thought of it. I am currently stuck on the level after that village with that Fanatic in it. I think it is Chapter 20. I love the darker approach the game now has, and the CO powers being less...
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    Rip my Team to Shreds

    I am planning to use this team on PBR and would appreciate some constructive criticism. Weavile @ Focus Sash Pressure EVs: 4 HP, 252 Attack, 252 Speed Nature: Jolly - Ice Punch - Ice Shard - Brick Break - Pursuit My lead. I put Ice Shard there for anything that wants to use a speed priority...
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    Looking for a Battle

    Looking for a Wi-Fi battle. Rules: Single Battle, Level 50 or Level 100 (Your choice) , 6vs6, No Same Hold Items, No ubers (I personally do not count Manaphy, Celebi or Jirachi as ubers but if you do then 1 uber), No hacked Pokémon or hacked movesets. Friend Code is in sig. P.S. I...
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    Blazios' Trade Thread

    I am looking for the following Pokémon: Male and Female Burmy Any gender Cranidos (Trade Arranged with Istmael) Any gender Murkrow (Trade Arranged with Istmael) Any gender Chimchar (Obtained, no longer needed) Any gender Piplup (Trade Arranged with xnerdyxrealistx) I have: Armor Fossil...
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    Mismagius or Honchkrow

    I personally think Mismagius is better. In my opinion it looks cooler, has a better name and has better base stats in everything except HP and special attack.
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    Is my Wii broken?

    I've had it for a week and I've just noticed that the blue light around where the discs go in only flashes on once for less than a second then goes off when I switch it on. Is there something wrong with it?
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    Bad Luck With Fan Traps

    I was in the Northern Range when I (Blastoise) stepped on a Fan Switch. I got blown diagonally and through a hole in the wall that I couldn't walk through. I hit the wall and landed on water. As the hole I got blown through was the only entrance/exit to where I was and i wasn't Mobile and...
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    Rate My BF Team

    Could Someone Rate My BF Team Please. Latios/Hasty w/Leftovers ;381; Psychic Dragon Claw Thunderbolt Substitute Blaziken/Naughty w/Focus Band ;257; Flamethrower Sky Uppercut Thunderpunch Body Slam Charizard/Modest w/Scope Lens ;006; Blast Burn Heat Wave Fly Dragon...