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    Pokemon Unfairness

    What were you looking forward to in a Pokemon game, but didn't happen?
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    Best Friends

    You know how you have those people that you like to talk to all the time while you're on here? Who is your best friend on Serebii?
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    Pokemon Cries

    A cry.The sound whenever you send out a Pokemon out of it's ball. What's the weirdest or scariest, or coolest cry you heard from a Pokemon?
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    Items connected to friends

    Do you or wish you had a little something that represents someone? Such as a collectible or any special item? Has anyone ever gave you something as something to remember them by?
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    Do you think there should be more older protagonist battles?

    For anyone that has played HeartGold and SoulSilver, you probably have faced Red on Mt.Silver. Do you think in new games adding protagonists from older games and being able to battle them would be a good idea? (Example:Battling Lucas in Black and White or Hilda in Black and White 2)
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    Creepy Music

    Which theme is scarier? Old Chateau in Sinnoh Or Lavender town in Kanto
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    Do You Think Pokemon Teaches Life Lessons?

    In some cases during the Anime and Main Games, the user is always bombarded with statements such as " Always be kind to your Pokemon, as they are your friends." So this got me thinking. Does Pokemon teach any more life lessons?
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    Advancing on New Generations

    So Gamefreak has created a total of 5 generations now, plus a sequel. Would you expect to see a 6th or maybe even 7th generation being created, or do you think it's time for them to stop in their tracks with a brain busting 649 Pokemon?
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    Who was your first friend on Serebii?

    The title says all. My first friend on serebii was JingleFruit.
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    LOL! Rules ARE NOT for fun.

    I find all lot people don't like to red the rules on SPPF.
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    Female Rivals

    Excluding Pokemon Black and White because it doesn't count, there have been four generations with no solo Female rival. Would adding a female rival make the game's appeal better or not?
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    When will name changes take effect?

    Now I know that at the end of march their has been an announcement which consists of people wanting to change their usernames. Don't judge me, I'm not impatient, but it's been 10 days and I'm just a bit curious.
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    Ash vs Red

    Do you think if ash and red had an all out epic brawl who would win? I'm voting for red of course but I'm curious to see as to who would think otherwise. EDIT: The Red from the second generation games.
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    Top 3 worst pokemon designes

    #3-Lickylicky/Lickitung: A pokemon that likes to lick things. Woahh, I'm so scared of that thing. #2-Lopunny: (I can't believe I'm Saying This)A playboy bunny showed of to kids #1-Stunfisk: Self-Explanatory
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    Which Champion was your hardest?

    I'm going with Cynthia. Only because she had that Garchomp...And a Sitrus berry FOR that Garchomp, and then using a FULL RESTORE for that Garchomp. Honestly, what was Gamefreak thinking when they made her?
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    Who was your hardest rival and why?

    The hardest rival I have ever come face to face in battle would be May from generation 3. During the early stages of the game; her Toarkoal or her Marshtomp would do it in for me.