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    Ace Attorney/逆転裁判

    With Spirit of Justice coming up in 2 weeks I thought I'd try to spark a bit of AA discussion here. I discovered this series in early spring and have been working my way through it since (I'm now playing the fan translation of AAI2, I've played every game that was localised). The first game...
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    Doctor Who

    Thread for the discussion of the BBC television series, Doctor Who. Specifically the later reboot. I decided to start this thread because, being British, I'm a fan of this TV show. I just want somewhere to discuss it really.
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    PokeBuilder - Does it have any value?

    I came across an app called PokeBuilder - a paid cheat device that lets you transfer any Pokemon onto your DS, through Wifi. I'm pretty lazy when it comes to breeding, and I wondered if you could breed any legit Pokemon with hidden abilities, or if the game just won't allow it. There may be...
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    The Nicknaming Contest

    I always had fun with this game so I'm going to try to revive it. First, I select three Pokemon. These will be the Pokemon that people will be nicknaming. Sometimes the Pokemon might have a theme, and if this game does well, later on nicknamers can have a say in what they want the next set to...
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    OU Team

    I showed this team to a friend of mine who does a lot of competitive teambuilding, and he thinks it's great, I want to see what other people think of it now: Azelf @ Focus Sash Trait: Levitate EVs: 4 HP / 252 SAtk / 252 Spd Naive Nature (+Spd, -SDef) - Explosion - Psychic - Stealth...
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    Pokemon Empire

    ;398; Welcome to Pokemon Empire! Since nobody has heard of it, let me explain the rules for you. The competitors are shipped to an unknown island and split into 3 tribes. There, they must complete tasks set by the tribe leaders, with each tribe doing different tasks. The winners of the tasks...
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    Hurt and Heal: Baby Pokemon

    You should all be familiar with the rules of hurt and heal by now, but if you're not sure, then: At the start of every round, all of the Pokemon begin with [insert number here] HP. Every time you post, you copy the list, taking away one of the pokemon that you want to hurt's HP by 1, and...
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    Multiple save files?

    I thought it would be interesting to see the opinions on this subject. I'd like it, as you could have a chance to experiment with different pokemon, and maybe have one serious file and another just for fun
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    Give the Famous person a Pokemon team V.2

    This is a game where you name a celebrity, then the next poster has to think of a Pokemon team for them, and so on. Rules: 1. Follow all SPPf rules 2. Don't use more than 1 of the same Pokemon
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    Just wanted to know how many people collect the memorabilia, and what items they have in their collection
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    The Pokè- Hunger Games 2!

    The Pokè- Hunger Games 2! :608: Welcome to the 2nd annual Serebii Hunger Games! I'm Caeser Flickermann, your host.The Hunger Games is an event where 24 people between the age of 12 and 18, a male and female from each of the 12 districts, must fight to the death on live TV. The last person left...
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    Stupid things you have done on PBR

    It wasnt me, but I saw someone keep trying to do damage with Thunder Wave XD I told them eventually
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    Fire type team

    I had to make at team with just one type I chose fire this is my team: Infernape Moves: Close combat Flamethrower Shadow claw Grass knot Emboar Moves: Overheat Brick break Work up Wild charge Charizard Moves: Solarbeam Heat wave Bulldoze Outrage Blazekien Moves...
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    What do you prefer, Reshiram or Zekrom

    I prefer reshiram because I trained my one from N's castle to lv 100 and it's one of my best pokemon
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    It's a fake!!!

    Grrr... I have an emerald game but it's fake :( does anyone think that the pirating of RSE should stop? Post your opinions on the fake games here.
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    What was your team against Cynthia?

    Mine was my friend's Groudon that I got to lv 100 and some more of her Pokemon.
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    What starter did you choose?

    I chose chimchar, my first ever pokemon now a lv100 infernape. ;390;
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    Last minute evolutions

    whats the point of the last min evos like at the very end of sinnoh-2nd last episode- brock's happiny evolves, and in one of the last episodes of hoenn may's combuskien evolves. whats the point? they wont be shown so why evolve them?
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    Skylanders- is it worth the fifty quid?

    my brother got skylanders for his b-day last week, its really, good, but it makes him really violent. (actually, all video games make him violent, but yeah.)
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    whats the most ammount of damage youve done to a pokemon on PMD

    1041 to scizor as chimchar on time