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  1. MegaMaster#1

    Which is the best of Team Rocket's mechas?

    We all know TR come with creative cool mechas but alas they don't last like Clemont's inventions but I would like to know which was your favourite (past gens included) Mine was the Octillery one.
  2. MegaMaster#1

    Ask? & Answer!

    EXAMPLE: Player 1:Ask-Where is the president? Player 2:Ans- At the White House! :Ask-What is the date today? Player 3:Ans-0/0/2015! Ask-What's your favourite pokemon? RULES: .All SPPF rules apply .Ask compulsory and appropriate questions/riddles/jokes...
  3. MegaMaster#1

    Serena and Pokemon Showcases

    We all know Serena is a performer now and is participating in Pokemon showcases,so Ill like discuss anything following under Showcases.For example: Locations Types of cotd Pokemon debuts youll like to see Move appeals Types of performances Which and where Serena will win and lose Kind of...