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    2011/2012 - An Anime Assessment/What the Future holds

    Basically what did you think of the anime this year, and what progress we will get in the year ahead? Many things arised for the anime this year. We truly started moving into the middle phase of Best Wishes from its interesting beginnings in the last quarter of 2010. The year started with...
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    The Elite Four

    Although the episode title was fake, The Great Butler raised a pertinent point in that thread. Even when comparing the number of episodes that have aired (we'll say up to no. 63) Lucian and Cynthia had both already appeared, even though we were only up to about the third badge. They...
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    How have your anime viewing habits changed (if at all) over Pokemon's extensive run?

    For me, mine have been all over the place and very strange. I never saw an episode from the original Kanto season, first episode I saw being 'The Lost Lapras.' This is even though I was in the bottom rung of the original targeted demographic (5-12 years old I suppose) being born in 1993. I...
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    International Cricket Thread

    Any cricket fans? Discuss anything related to international cricket here. Anything you can think of, the recent tense matches in Johannesburg (South Africa vs. Australia) and Mumbai (India vs. West Indies), upcoming tours of Australia by New Zealand and India, Sri Lanka in South Africa...
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    Iris' and Cilan's Pokemon

    Which of their Pokemon is your favourite/the best?
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    Ash's Unova Pokemon (so far) *SPOILERS*

    Ash has eight Unova Pokemon right now. Which is your favourite/the strongest/cutest, whatever.
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    My Pokemon Black playthroughs.

    I'm embarking on a journey, playing Pokemon Black through many times in order to have main story playthroughs with many different playthroughs. At the end of which I will transfer to my White file, on which I will have everything. Fun and productive is my aim. I'm merely waiting to obtain...
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    Pokemon Musical Speculation (possible spoilers)

    If this should be moved to Anime Spoilers, then mods please do so. As the title suggests, discuss anything relating to the Musicals, whether they will appear or not, appear once or consistently, who will take part, and how they will be tweaked to fit the show. I haven't mentioned Ash of...
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    What do you typically use your Master Ball on?

    This can be in any game, but for what Pokemon in all games would you usually use your Master Ball for? For me it was Mewtwo in the original series, I would clone it in Gold and Silver so it wasn't an issue XD. The version Lati@s in Ruby/Sapphire, can't remember Emerald, Diamond and Pearl was...
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    5th Gen first real run-through

    Having started and got to the 4th Gym (as I usually do with all Pokemon games), I've now figured out what I want to use for a team. All those that are caught after Nimbasa City were already decided on ;P Also I feel that the Nature that they will have fits the Pokemon they are and their...
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    Your most RECENT capture?

    NACHOE! made a similar thread on what your first Pokemon ever was, and with Black and White to be released within days, I ask, what was your most recent capture? Add as much detail as you wish, including but not limited to: - Level - Location - Nature - Anything else you can think of...
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    How do you think the 5th Generation Legendaries will be represented?

    If the first movies Best Wishes has to offer us are any indication, we can expect the legendary Pokemon from Black and White to be the stars of the movies. As we can see, Reshiram, Zekrom and Victini are featured in the movies from the first 'season' of Best Wishes (I know Japan doesn't have...
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    Another new guy

    Hey guys Although I've been using the serebii site (including the forums) for a few years now, this is the first time I've got around to becoming a member. Again, hi to everyone and I hope all is well for you :)