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    Strong and Weak Fighters

    Alright, I was playing some fighting games, and thought to myself, "Dang, some characters are just so BROKEN!" What characters(Or Kharacters, in Mortal Kombat's case) in any fighting games do you think are absolutely broken* and why? Here my examples: BROKEN Meta Knight (Super smash...
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    Video Game Recomendation

    Hello, I recently got an Xbox 360 for Christmas, and was wondering if I could hear some good games for the system. I like Shooters of all kinds, Strategy games, Fighters, Platformers, and Role Playing games. I already have Mortal Kombat, Lego Harry Potter Years 1-4 and Years 5-7, MW3, Sonic...
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    Pawn Stars Facebook game

    What do you think of the Pawn Stars Facebook game? I personally enjoy, other than the fact when I get a rare item in my store when I'm flat out broke.
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    Rain, Rain, Come and Stay!

    Hello, I've decided to edit my Rain Team, now that i don't use Smogon other than to rule out Ubers. So, here it is. Toedy the Politoed@Life Orb Drizzle Timid 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 SpD -Hydro Pump -Focus Blast -Toxic -Ice Beam A little customized Politoed set. Hydro Pump for STAB, Toxic for...
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    Programs for Fan Art

    I wish to practice to be able to make my own Computer graphics. What Programs can I use to do this that are 100% free?
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    Moves Pokemon SHOULDN'T be Able to Learn

    Are there some Pokemon that make you wonder why the Pokemon is able to learn the move. For example, despite having no visible teeth, Shelgon is capable of knowing Bite, Crunch, and Fire Fang.
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    PO Drizzle Team

    Hello. I made a Drizzle team a while ago, and it's done me alright on PO. I'd like to see what you guys think of it. Politoed(Toady) @Choice Specs Timid, 252 SpA/252 Spe/ 4SpD Drizzle -Hydro Pump -Hidden Power[Grass] -Focus Blast -Ice Beam Primary Politoed. Hydro Pump for STAB, Ice Beam to...
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    Pokemon Creepypasta Favs.

    What are YOU'RE favorite Pokemon Creepypastas? My favorite is either 354 Banette or Lost Silver. What is your's? Creepypasta is generally a story posted on a forum, image board, or sent through e-mail telling a scary story. These stories usually range from retelling of old folk stories to...
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    Rain, Rain, Come and Stay

    Yo, peoples of Serebii. This is a team I developed a while ago, but made some changes to it recently. Please, tell me what you think. Politoad@Choice Specs(Toady) Timid, 252 SpA/252 Spe/4 SpD Drizzle -Focus Blast -Ice Beam -Hydro Pump -Hidden Power[Grass] Standard Drizzletoad set. Focus Blast...
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    PO Dark Type Gym

    I decided to make a Team for the open Dark gym spot in the LOSS(League of Sea Soul). The requirement, I was told, was 3:3(Three of the Type, and Then Three of my choice)My team was formatted like this: Spiritomb@Leftovers(108 Souls) Bold, 252 HP/252 Def/4SpD Pressure -Dark Pulse -Calm Mind...
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    How to make Computer Graphics?

    I've seen what people do on the Fan Art shops, and I would like to do it as well. How can I make my own computer graphics?
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    Game Traditions?

    what are your Game traditions? Here are some examples: -Ensure your Pokemon evolves after first gym battle -catch every Pokemon you see -Button Mash There are more, but I always have to evolve my starter in their first gym battle(exception: Turtwig), Design my in-game team a couple...
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    PO Destruction Team

    Hello. I made a team for PO, and it has served me alright: I win half, lost half. Please Rate. Jolteon@choice Specs(Flash) Timid, 252 Spe/252 SpA/ 4 Def Quick Feet -Volt Switch -Thunderbolt -Hidden Power(Grass) -Shadow Ball My Scout. Jolteon will use Volt Switch to scout out the...
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    Help with PO

    Ok, So, I attempted to download Pokemon Online several times on my PC, an All-in-one computer. However, PO will not download. help me, please.
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    Darkrai vs. Shaymin

    Two powerful and well-known Sinnoh ubers, banned from competitive play.... In a fight, who would win? Darkrai has access to the Powerful Dark Void, it's Signature move, which puts the foes(all foes out at the moment), and combined with the ability, Bad Dreams, and Dream Eater, it's unstoppable...
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    Few Weaknesses

    I decided to make a team that is not trickrom or weather related, but related to Pokemon with few or no weaknesses. Here it is: Scizor@Focus Band Technician Adamant, Likes to Thrash about 252 Attack, 252 Defense U-turn Bullet Punch Super Power Pursuit A Tank I thought would be useful. Bullet...
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    Kickin' it Old School

    A Kanto Team that I thought would be pretty powerful. I made this team because I thought the other team idea I have(Single Illusion) is kinda a bust. Rate, please.(Images from Pokemon Database) Aerodactyl@Focus Sash Unerve Jolly, Alert to Sounds 252 Speed, 252 Attack Stone Edge Stealth Rocks...
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    Single Illusion

    Hello, please rate this Singles Team(No weather involved) Forretrss@Normal Gem Sturdy Relaxed, Likes to Thrash About 252 Attack, 252 Defense Explosion Toxic Spikes Protect Gyro Ball I try to use Defensive leads. Toxic Spikes will be used to Poison foes. Protect will be used to try...
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    Storming Team

    Hello, this is a weather based team I decided to come up with. Make any corrections that is needed. Foretress@??? Sturdy Sturdy Body, ??? 252 Defense/252 Attack Toxic Spikes Spikes Gyro Ball Self Destruct A rather common Forretress that I thought would be a good set-up for a Rain Dance team...
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    Pokemon Jokes/Strange and Funny Things in Pokemon.

    Do you know any funny Pokemon Jokes/Strange and Funny things in Pokemon? To get us started, heres a good one: Professor Oak: "Your friend is my grandson, and my only living relative. Em, what was his name again?" And here's another: Professor Oak:"Congratulations, Red! You have beaten...