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  1. Ulicies

    Too Late to Catch Up?

    I was previously following along with this XY season (which has been much better than the unfortunate Black/White series), but got busy with life and fell off the wagon for a while. Now that so many more episodes have aired, I feel intimidated to jump back in. Is this series almost over? Is it...
  2. Ulicies

    Pokemon that Will/Should Receive Mega Evolutions

    Which Pokemon do you think deserve or need mega evolutions? On the other hand, which Pokemon do you think will inevitably receive one in the future? Personally, I believe Dragonite will inevitably receive one, although I want them to take their time and design it well.
  3. Ulicies

    IV's and EV's Need Improvements

    IV's and EV's should be overhauled. IV's: IV's should be not be randomized; if a player chooses to work toward maxing out stats, they should not be required to grind mindlessly through breeding. Introduce special tutors or unique ways of increasing IV's, and give them a page in the Pokemon...
  4. Ulicies

    Type Hierarchy

    This isn't about opinions, Pokemon sprites, or Pokemon attacks. This is the order of types in academic and objective order of how many weaknesses and resistences the type has. Will edit later, as I have to go afk 1) Steel ; 3 weaknesses, 11 resistances, 1 immunity 2) Ghost ; 2 weaknesses, 2...
  5. Ulicies

    Ice Type is the Least Imaginative

    Ice is my favorite element in any other video game, and yet I find that when I peruse the list of total Ice Pokemon, the Pokemon themselves seem pretty uninspired. I don't really like the majority of Ice Pokemon atm, but maybe that's just because I naturally lean toward Dark and Steel types...
  6. Ulicies

    Should Statuses Act like Stealth Rock?

    I was wondering this for a little bit: should damaging statuses/weather like burn, poison, hail, sandstorm, thunder wave, and freeze be more/less effective depending on the typing? What are your opinions on the following suggestions: 1) Damaging statuses/weather do damage according to type...
  7. Ulicies

    Need Help Completing 3rd Gen Pokedex

    I'm currently playing B/W, but Ruby was my favorite Pokemon game ever. I think it was the wonderful music, the interesting pokemon, and the vibrant cities, that really made it my favorite generation. So, in tribute to my favorite region, I'm currently completing my pokedex from 252 to 386, and I...
  8. Ulicies

    So excited for Black&White, the new pokemon look so cool-- oh hi, I'm new

    Hey everyone. I've lurked on Serebii for quite some time now, since Diamond and Pearl, but I never had a reason to get into the community until I started getting interested in competitive battling. Up until this point I've pretty much been a hardcore casual player, if that makes sense, with...