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    Legendary Charizard's Graphic Cave

    Welcome one and all to my Universal Graphics Cave The shop is Open Bad People No One Keep It This Way We are Hiring Form Name : Favorite Pokemon : What can You Do : What Can I Do LIST 1. Battle Scenes 2. Trainer vs. What can Zero Kiryu can do LIST 1. Userbars 2. Sigs/Banners...
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    My Dream Cream Team

    Hello Everyone i didnot know that my team is 5th gen or not but please rate it and suggest me I made this team because my first team was not good so my friend said to make a new team and he gave me a link to smogon. My pokemons ;493;Arc-Bug (Arceus-Bug) @ Insect Plate Trait: Multitype EVs...
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    T.V. SHows

    First person tell a show reveiew it and then tell a new show First i start phineas and Ferb
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    Dream Cream Pokemon

    My Dream cream Pokemon. They are DWU ;150;Mewtwo @ Dragon Fang Trait: Pressure EVs: 184 HP / 110 Atk / 56 Def / 56 SAtk / 52 SDef / 52 Spd Hardy Nature - Aqua Tail - Blizzard - Thunder - SolarBeam :649:Genesect @ Comet Shard Trait: Download EVs: 136 HP / 126 Atk / 64 Def / 64 SAtk...
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    I am making a team

    I am making a team please suggest me which pokemon and which item
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    Throw a Thing

    It is like This Person 1 : I throwed a brick Person 2 : I dodged it and throwed a chair Person 3 : I can't dodge it and get hurt. I get angry and throwed pile of books. And so on..... I start it I throwed a Chair.