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    You should probably keep up with your trade shop.

    You should probably keep up with your trade shop.
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    Shinies, Events & other such Pokemon

    I'm interested in your Japanese movie events, specifically Keledo, Meloetta and Genesect. I have a variety of events to offer, stuff like Palcity Mew, Pikachu colored Pichu, surfing Pikachus, Jirachis, etc.
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    Opinions on events

    I actually like events now that Nintendo does them at normal places, even if it does feel less special. I collect them though, so they're fun to trade and hunt for me
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    Official Wii U Discussion Thread

    I don't like linking you guys to IGN, but this actually a good article from them. Unlike most IGN articles, this one actually puts the Wii U and Nintendo into perspective, and I think it could help anyone who doesn't know what to believe get things straight.
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    What was the inspiration for your username?

    Huh. I don't actually recall how I came up with my admittedly terrible name. I carried it over from NSider, which was the first place I used it at, so I'll chalk it up to being about 9 years old. Probably though, I wanted "Mewtwo", and then I clicked on the "Try this instead" suggestion with the...
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    Dragon Ball Z - Kinect

    Well, I pretty much know how this game's gonna end up... Like Kinect Star Wars. I give the trailer points for correctly pronouncing "Saiyan" though.
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    Video Games You've Played for 100+ Hours

    Pretty much every main series Pokemon game. On Emerald I have like 700 hours I think. Also, Ocarina of Time took me about 110 hours when I first played it due to me trying to find everything in the game and not knowing what I was doing most of the time. Same with Majora's Mask, took almost 100...
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    Oh, the problem is that he actually isn't smart. At all. He had to ask me how to spell "environmentalist". Because they get paid more. (They actually do)
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    Our history teacher left for family reasons. And the long-term sub we got is a total dick. He asks questions, and if people are wrong, he says something like "Well no... but I didn't expect you to get it. Because I'm smarter than all of you. You'll never be as smart as me," or "Pay attention...
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I started playing Xenoblade Chronicles on Saturday. It's a pretty straightforward RPG, a little simpler than the Final Fantasy games, but the story looks like it'll be intriguing.
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    Like anime subbed or dubbed? ~ Where the concept of Uncut DVDs still hasn't sank in.

    I don't get all the folks saying they have trouble reading subtitles fast enough. Anyone with a basic reading ability should be able to see and get what the subs are saying, right?
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    What Video Game are you currently playing?

    I'm currently awaiting Xenoblade Chronicles, and, for whatever reason, instead of beating my unfinished games, I've been playing Star Wars Battlefront II all week. >_>
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    I took the world's easiest algebra test today. I kind of suck at it, so I was happy. My teacher handed out a review packet on Monday to use, and usually, it'll be test form C, and she'll pass out forms A and B. Well, I ended up with form A. Which was the review packet, question-for-question...
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    I've got the day off because it's the last day of the grading period, so that's nice. But Spring Break isn't until the 2nd, because of a schedule muck up, (the quarter should have ended next Friday) so we have to go for a week of the 4th quarter before we get some more time off.
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    Dragonball Kai

    Z Kai part 8's cover is out:http://i43.photobucket.com... I'm kind of mixed on how Goku's face looks, and I find it to seem less... intense than the Japanese releases' father-son Kamehame-Ha cover.
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    Our long-term sub for history had to judge a Laureate presentation today, but being a dumbass, he showed up 10 minutes late.
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    Got my scheduling sheet for next year, and most of the electives on it are crap. Either they're all gym/music classes, or just really uninteresting. There's a few with multiple levels, but they're essentially the exact same thing as the previous level (ie, If I took Public Speaking 2, it's the...
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    Go back and read your old posts from years ago...

    The search only seems to show my posts from... last May, and it's a boring trading post. EDIT: Oh, looks like I can view threads I've started since I joined. Odd. Apparently I was channeling Wolverine by calling you all "bub".
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    The Student Lounge Thread.

    So interims came out today. I did pretty well, except in algebra (which I suck at anyway): English: A Biology: B History: A Algebra 2: C Spanish 3: B Public Speaking: A Band: A
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    Dragonball Kai

    I'd assume he/she's talking about the original FUNimation dub, so he/she probably means the Faulconer Productions/Nathan Johnson score.