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    Your 2011-2012 classes

    So what's everyone's schedule at school this year? (Pretty self explanatory.) Mine kind of sucks, tbh. 1st- Biology honors 2nd- Spanish 3 honors 3rd- Wind Ensemble 4th- Algebra 2 5th- Speech 6th- AP World 7th- English honors laureate
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    Move Deleter problems?

    In R/S/E, the Move Deleter can sometimes be able to not make a Pokemon forget moves. Like my Qwilfish (I know he sucks, but it's from Colosseum) needs to forget Surf to get to Platinum, but the Move Deleter just says "Hm? It seems your QWILFISH doesn't want to forget SURF." And he's been doing...
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    Laptop dead?

    So, my PC broke and I need a standard repair price. I know what's wrong, just need a quote. I have a 2006~ish Dell laptop, and the internal connector for the charger is either broken or bent out of shape to where it won't connect, and thus charge. I don't know the computer model, but the base...
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    Cool pokemon music arr. on piano

    This is really cool. I don't know if you've seen it, but I found it earlier and decided to share.
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    Uber noob moments

    What is the noobiest moment ever for you in a Pokemon game? Or, it might be something that made you go "NOOOOOOOO!!!!". Noob moment- I thought in Mt. Moon, you could get to Cerulean City by going to the east wall and using an escape rope, because you were closer to Cerulean than Pewter. Or...
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    Most annoying things in all of pop culture

    More and more I've notlced how irratating terms/things can be. For me, these are the people who call iPod Touches an 'iTouch' and pathetic guys who, after 3 or 4 years, still think Miley Cyrus is 'hot', and have naked pictures of her on their cellphones.
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    Family/Friends Picture thread

    Since there was a picture thread for pics of yourself, I just thought it might be fun to have one of your brothers/sisters/cousins, girlfriends/boyfriends. Use the same rules as the old one. Only post actual pics, not who you wish these people were. all standard SPPF rules apply. My girlfriend.
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    American 'Office' Vs UK 'Office'

    The Office: (1) A hit American comedy (2) A hit BBC series Which version is better? I say USA FTW! Only because, unlike in the UK one, (yes I saw 5 eps) everything makes sense.
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    SPP Script 4

    Okay, I don't know how or why, but one day I turned on my PC, and there was a zip file titled 'SPP Script 4' which I know I didn't download. I opened it and there are 'bin' 'channels' 'downloads' 'logs' 'sounds' 'system' and 'themes' folders, and some scripts with site codes. What's going on?
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    White PS3?

    They make it right? I saw it in GameStop once, but its not around anymore. Can someone shed light on this please?
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    Wii 2?

    When will a Wii 2 come out? Will it be called Wii 2? I think it'll be called Wii/Two.
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    Guitar Heroes United

    Guitar Heroes United This is the club for all Guitar Hero players to discuss any Guitar Hero games. Format for entry: "I'd like to join the club. My favorite game in the series is ____ and I play mostly on ___ difficulty. My best instrument is _____." Rules: All SPPF standards apply...
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    Tge difference between blacking out and whiting out.

    What is it? In Gen I it was 'RED is out of usable POKEMON! RED blacked out!' But then in Gens II-VI it was 'GOLD is out of usable POKEMON! Gold whited out!' Why'd they ever change it, huh? Just curious.
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    Guitar Hero+Heidi Klum=SEXY!

    Did anyone catch the Monday night football primier of the ad for GH4 with her in her underwear, in the USA? I don't see how you can't love it! On a scale of 1-10 what'd you think? I give it a ten.
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    Rate my Mamoswine please.

    EDIT-Sorry. Forgot about the single rate... please close.
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    Guess what weight class I'm in.

    Go ahead, guess either obese, overweight, average, underweight.
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    The Lego Bionicle Club

    The Lego Bionicle Club! Okay, not sure if anyone will join but... here goes. *Deep Breath* This club is for people who like the Lego Bionicle stuff in any way. There are movies, Lego sets, comics, books and the like. Types of characters Toa (Good) Makuta (Evil) Turaga Matoran Mata...
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    Desert Island

    The name of the game is Desert Island. Name your 5 favorite movies, 5 favorite books, five favorite TV shows and 5 favorite foods. REMEMBER that you are stranded on a desert island and the 20 items you pick, you will be stuck with them FOREVER! So, choose wisely. Movies 1)The Dark Knight...
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    Most Evil Team.

    State why you think so. I say Ciper. I mean geez, artificially closing the door to a Pokemon's heart to create a fighting machine? That's just sick. But I'd tie 'em with all Rockets. In R/B/G/Y/FR/LG they mention them KILLING Pokemon. Also the PokeSpecial versions maniacal!
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    Favorite Pokedex holder and character?

    Or just charecter in general. Dex holder- Red Charecter- Red Why?- He just defines hero and he has a Poliwrath. Also he doesn't back down, ever.