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    House of Foreigners (Rated PG-13)

    [Note: This story is a horror/Hetalia fan fiction. The names of the foreigners as well as their designs, are based on Hetalia.] House of Foreigners Never, ever, EVER go into the House of Foreigners like Nagisa did. There have been strange words on this house...some that it was haunted...
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    My Horridly Disgusting Hetalia Fan Art for Halloween 2012!!!

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNMZNyEZ8TI&feature=plcp Accepting all critique.
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    Making the reader have feelings for the main character?

    I'm writing an original story in which a Japanese kid goes to the USA and ends up missing his brother and wants to go home. (I say brother because they have no parents.) Now, what kind of words, phrases, or situations could be used so the reader will feel bad for the character?
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    Have you ever encountered Engrish in an anime? " A form of English characterized by bad translation from Japanese by someone who is decent at translating vocabulary but has a poor grasp of English grammar. Tends to be a word-by-word literal translation with humorous results for native English...
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    Is the 3DS XL really a good idea?

    I just want to know what you think. The idea of the DSi XL was for people with vision problems and the screen is big so they can see it better. Wouldn't the 3d gameplay strain their eyes? Then again, they can keep the 3d off, but why bother? What do you think?
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    The Todd Haberkorn Game

    Hello and welcome to The Todd Haberkorn Game! I'll bet some of you know Todd, the voice actor. He can change his voice A LOT, and it shows by how many characters he had played. So therefore, he is epic enough to have his own game. What is this game about? Well, in this game, 5 members will sign...
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    [APH - PG-16 - Parody]Hetalia:Asse Powers

    Well, it's me TRG again, and I wanted to write a parody of my favorite anime! In this craaazy fic, Italy is somewhat intellegent, Germany is....well? German, and Japan has anger issues! And about the swear filter, I'll put the first letter and then asterisks so you can at least know the words...
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    [APH - One-Shot - PG-13]When Ivan Came to Play

    WHEN IVAN CAME TO PLAY Hi, I'm Rose. One day in history class, we had to clean up our things to get to the next lesson. We were almost done, but Jalen wasn't. He was a pretty slow kid when it came to putting his stuff away, so this was normal for us and we didn't mind. The teacher pointed it...
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    Marill's Song to Elekid - Song + Short and Cheesy Music Video!

    This song is based on and is a parody of Italy's Song to Germany from the anime Hetalia:Axis Powers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KIfB1e_XioY I loved this cute song and decided to parody it. Here is the MV (Hard to hear) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FFglnLxEtxE&feature=plcp Lyrics and...
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    The Serebiian-Wapanese Alliance

    Those mean people are always hating on us, so this group is to defend ourselves and keep everything cool. Info The Wapanese are the people who believe in Wapan and respect the Japanese for their intellegence, culture, and media. Wapan is the equivalent of Japan where the Japs will welcome you...
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    -Hetamon- I'm still a n00b writer, so it might not seem good. Also, the program I use doesn't have "pages", so I hope this is long enough. That program is called WordPad by the way. Also, if there's any grammar errors, please tell me. Chapter 1:Kiku's Theory Feliciano yawned, and hopped out of...
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    Todd Haberokorn Song-Poem-Thingy....

    So I just decided to do this. Todd is everywhere but nowhere hunt him but cannot find him FUNi's got some work to do And fan's gears be grindin'. Why is Todd so many things? So many things at once? How is he both a cyborg And an alien frog? Why is his voice everywhere? All inside my...
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    Internet Explorer World:One Browser, One Partner, One Massive Adventure...sort of.

    In this story, you'll meet IE, along with his friend and foes. The quality sucks, but the story will keep you guessing. Intro Comics: ....Stupid MS Paint.
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    Rose's Fusion Lab

    Long ago, a machine to fuse Pokemon was created. A Pokemon researcher named Rose created and messed with the fuser. She created a beast called Charoisaur. But in modern times, she dug up the machine once again, and is preparing to fuse more monsters.
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    What Ads Are On The Page Now?

    I'm just interested. What ads are at the top of the page?
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    Spore Creatures Discussion, Anyone?

    Okay, I dug up my old cartraige of Spore Creatures and started playing it again. Does anyone else still enjoy this game? And yes, I admit I eat Sporelings more than I raise them...
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    Ragetalia:The Hetalia Rage Comics!

    Love Hetalia? Love Rage Comics? Or just want something funny to read? Well, you're in the right place. I've had a bit of experience with RCs, so hopefully these don't suck, lol. But RC quality is supposed to be a little crappy, so... To be organized, they're all under a folder titled...
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    1000 Things To Do With a Rabid Flying Mint Bunny

    First of all, for those who don't know, a flying mint bunny is a mint colored rabbit with wings. That is all that is. Anyway, me and iMillenium play this game in our vms and I thought we should all play. We used Hetalia related things but you don't have to. So here it is. Its really simple...
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    Flying Mint PWNny

    Yes more TeamRocketGrunt art. Now this is Hetalia art if you couldn't tell. I fail at Union Jack and a couple other stuff, but whatever. It's not that bad.
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    The Fish Thread:Because You Don't Have to Walk a Fish

    Who here has a fish? I have a betta. He's blue and crowntail. I named him Skyler after Skyler Gordy(SkyBlu)of LMFAO just because. What? My mom wanted to name him Bruno Mars..... Skyler is so funny. I bought him yesterday so he's never eaten in his life. So when I fed him it took several minutes...