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    Geas - Blue Storm: A Blue Nuzlocke Adventure

    So my last Nuzlocke... well spoiler alert! I died. It sucked. So I decided to start again in blue with some crazy as heck eight-bit nostalgia! Chapter List: Intro Below! PM List: The Rules: Rules: Can only catch first Pokemon per route Dupe Clause MANDATORY: I have three...
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    Dust to Deceit: Re-reduxed (PG13)

    Remember Dust to Deceit? Me neither! It was poorly written and wasn’t going anywhere… well it was, but not to a place or at a pace I was pleased with. Allow me to re-present Dust to Deceit, rewritten, reborn, and more consistent. For those who read the original, there will be many changes...
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    Audiobooks, Writing With Your Voice

    It's a shame. It's a fun way to tell a tale. Oral tradition has been one of homo sapien sapien's greatest achievements over all other human species, and yet, today, the art of vocal storytelling seems so elusive. Hokey and completely pointless intro aside, ever since this thread I've been...
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    Nuzmocked: Green Liquid Edition

    I’ve always wanted to do a nuzlocke… but I said screw that noise, let’s just make fun of it! I therefore present Nuzmocked, where I once again will begin another story that I’ll never even get close to finishing (although I would like to get my other parody back up and rewritten, because the...
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    Sinsufficient Glory (PG-13) (Contains Audiobook)

    Enter a world anew… well, not quite anew, but far enough different from any you currently know. Behold new creatures the likes of which you haven’t yet seen. Yes, this is the story of the region of Kertonmel. Life in this dry Mongolian region is not the easiest, though not the hardest either...
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    Kertonmel: Sinsufficient Glory!

    Well, it’s that time again where I bring to front another story I likely will not finish! Warning, this story is CRUDE! It’s vulgar, sexist and perverted... but only in the name of storytelling with no deeper insight supporting such behavior. Henceforth, I’m thinking PG-13 is good since there’s...
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    The Generic Story You All Probably Know… and Hate

    The Generic Story You All Probably Know… and Hate This story is an epic drama far detached from my DtD (but you should go read that anyway… please?) What’s this, DILASC WROTE ANOTHER STORY! CODE DREAMBOAT* EVERYONE! * Dreamboat will be explained within the story. Anyway, this story...
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    The Fakemon Club II

    This club is approved. This is a club for all people out there making Fakemon. This is a club for individuals who think the 493 we currently have are not quite enough. You can discuss Fakemon, Fake Types, your Fake Region, Gym Leaders etc; you can get help with names and Base Stats etc. We...
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    Paradise to Pain, Preview From the Future!

    I have had yet another bolt of inspiration! I have come up with a new storyline. Now, before I begin, I assume you all know well and good about Dust to Deceit, the story that someone could either love or hate. I know many of you are probably sick and tired of hear me drone on and on about it...
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    Fossil Fool (One Shot)

    Huzza! Surprised to see me write a one shot... again? Does anybody even read anything I write? Meh, whatever, here’s a bit about a resurrected fossil, and it’s thoughts about its life. Meh, I’m not much a single shooter, but here’s an attempt to anyway. Let’s just hope I can get some...
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    Dust to Deceit, Take Two

    If you remember Dust to Deceit from a year and a half ago here at Serebii, then you'll be surprised to know how much it has changed in plot. Read for yourselves. Dust to Deceit is rated PG-13, just to be on the safe side. Be warned, there are themes of sexuality, including homosexuality and...