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    Enter norman

    'bout to face off against Norman; I think my team will suffice. Sandslash/30 -Swift -Rock Smash -Theif -Slash Vibrava/35 -Dragonbreath -Faint Attack -Sand Tomb -Crunch Blaziken/36 -Strength -Bulk Up -Rock Tomb -Blaze Kick Breloom/36 -Headbutt -Mach Punch -Counter -Sky...
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    three teams

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    Best RSE Team for Gym Sweeps?

    I'm starting Sapphire over... again. I want to know a good Gym Sweep team that is good for the first four or so gyms. I'm gonna need Ralts/Kirlia in there, my fav early on pokemon. Is surskit worth going after with it's 1% chance on route 102?
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    Kanto Gym Battle Team

    Snorlax (Rash) @Leftovers Immunity LV. 50 -Block (For Entei/Latios hunting, willing to change after I catch both) -Rollout -Crunch -Giga Impact (Evo'ing to Tyranitar) Larvitar (Lax) @ Guts LV. 43 -Dark Pulse -Payback -Crunch -Earthquake Gallade (???) @ Synchronize LV. 45...
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    Just Beat E4, need Kanto suggestions

    ;026; Raichu (Timid) @Shell Bell Static LV. 47 EVs: I don't understand EV's much -Discharge -Double Team -Iron Tail -Thunderbolt ;130; Gyarados (Hasty) @Wacan Berry Intimidate LV. 42 EVs: I don't understand EV's much -Avalanche -Dragon Pulse -Waterfall -Hydro Pump ;249; Lugia...
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    Glox's Art

    Glox's Art Shoppe Sigs: Digipaints: Sprites: Recolorings and Mix-ups None yet! Request today!