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    This fan-fic is based off types of way places can be invaded, even if its fantasy or reality. What I’m going to try and do is make it 6-10 chapters per book depending on the story, 1 way of being invaded per book. And have a bio set up for the main character of each story. Bio: Name: Rice...
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    Giving a go at rmt

    So, recently joined the rebellion and there helping me out but hows my team so far... suggestions wanted Empoleon@leftovers Impish (I went SD Emp to try it out, but im willing to change) Swords Dance Drill Peck EQ Aqua Jet Starraptor @ Macho Brace Jolly -Brave Bird -Wing...
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    Mystery Egg giveaway

    This Idea is from Dean A fellow pokemon Fan Rules. 1. Only 1 egg per giveaway (every 30) 2. We accept almost anything 3. No spamming 4. You can reserve one pokemon. 5. You can reserve one egg (see blue for details) Dean will add anymore rules if I missed any Hi everyone, its me...
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    KH 3 GAME INFO (new!!)

    This is new info on the upcoming games Kh BBS KH Coded KH 365/2 This is nothing new, but there’s been no news for a while now; so I compiled this together from the Tokyo Game Show to use on the forum. I’m sure you know all of this already. I’ll edit this tomorrow as there’s still a lot more...
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    RMT!! IT NEEDS ATTENTION (first rtm)

    Tell me the best way to imrpove it thanks.. Empoleon @ Quick Claw- Impish Nature - Hyrdo Cannon 5/5-Water- - Drill Peck 20/20- Flying- - Surf 15/15- Water - Waterfall 15/15 - water Palkia @ Lustrous Orb* - Lonely nature - Aura Sphere 20/20 - fight - Earth Power 10/10 -...
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    Hi im getting into the business of making sprites and stuff but I need a really good person to teach me some of the following Chaos Eggs Revamps Fusions I really want to learn Chaos and eggs though and so far here is one I made tell me what I could do to improve and if you are a...
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    Pokemon card !

    Hi, today from a pokemon set I got a turtwig and I was wondering what would be the best combination with it? :D k thanks
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    Mario & Sonic at the Olympic games!

    I went to yahoo and on the main site I seen this game it will come out for the DS and the Wii but it looks awsome you can be almost any mario/sonic character on this game... DISCUSS! Comes out holidays of 07 (Nov 20th 2007) (more at gamespot) Will add more info later Characters 4 types of...
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    All about Kingdom Hearts (disscusion on anything, games, release dates, etc. for kh)

    I know its long but its been confirmed About the new Kingdom Hearts title that will be announced after summer this year (2007), will that be a direct sequel? Tetsuya Nomura: “Hmm…I’m not sure how much I can say. I’ll start of by saying that it’s not Kingdom Hearts 3.” So this game will be...
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    So i was wondering if anyone knows when this comes out.. I can't wait for it. I got the Wii/DS so i can get SSBB and MD2 just wanting to know when they come out... think SSBB comes out in december if i remeber... haven't been on here in along time. Sorry if in wrong section
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    PBR tourny at GS

    So yesterday i went to tourny at gamestop and i basically won by default because everyone had hacked stuff in their game. even though their was 6 others that signed up. before they checked the DS's my mom made a deal with me. if I win i get a Wii since they had some in stock. We still battled...
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    Pokedex entry # 45 #46 and # 80 which i think is barboach
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    PKMN # and there names, so i can get national dex just to get that info in dex # 15- #45 #46 # 59 - # 65 # 80 if any1 wants to help. EDIT: nvm found out name Brago FC 0473 4316 8384
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    Woo hoo

    Tonights the big night for the movie, then 2 days till the game. on toonami-online*forgot what it was called* they have a preview of it
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    Pokemon D/P Demo

    i went to wal-mart yesterday to get some games, or somthing but when i went to the DS it had Pokemon D/P Demo i was like "OMG!" so i played it, you start of with lvl 30 lucario, mime jr, and roselia you get guided by some 1 to go to a cave. you fight 2 people and then u talk to the professer...
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    http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/7-Nintendo-Pokemon-Diamond-Pearl-Plush-Doll-Parukia_W0QQitemZ170091284205QQcategoryZ2607QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem ok... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/7-Nintendo-Pokemon-Diamond-Pearl-Plush-Doll-Diaruga_W0QQitemZ170092143969QQcategoryZ2607QQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem
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    Ds Player

    I don't know exactly where to post this but does anyone know if they are gonna make a DS player so i can play on my Big screen TV lol or some tv?
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    Silkroad online

    Well if anyone plays Silkroad post here. :D tell us about ur charcter and more ^^ about SRO and help others ou my charcter is a pure int nuker Fire/Lightning as sub lvl 30 i am wondering which is best for int spear or S/S because im really tied inbetween the 2
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    My first Chao

    well what ya think? :D
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    Sonic Adventure Battle 2

    I know im a sonic fan ^^ ----- Shadow ---- and i was wondering about my Chao... it is an Angel Chao stats are lvl 85+ i've had him since the beginning and now he has a Gray Halo i know he is going to die soon but is there any way i can make sure he is reincarnated and not just dies?