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    my Pokemon Black team of awesomeness

    just a team i made in my black version after i beat the E4. i am hoping for this to be my amazing team of awesomeness. its not quite done though but i want some outside opinions from smart people here about it. thanks in advance for all the help and stuff you might provide. The Team: 1. Aggron...
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    my Pokemon White team

    so i am just about to fight the E4 (i have more than 7 badges so i can do this) my team currently is lvl 44 Shandera (holding Charcoal) Moves: Purgatory Bursting Flame Shadow Ball Theif lvl 45 Kojofu (holdin Black Belt) Moves: Jump Kick Strength Force Palm Drain Punch...
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    Rate my SS team

    heres my team. just got to Blackthorn town so i have 7 badges. only lost 2 battles. please rate to help me get better. thank you in advance LVL 33 Marowak ;105; Lightningrod Careful -Bone Club -Headbutt -Bonemerang -Strength LVL 33 Scizor ;212; Swarm Impish -Silver Wind -Night...