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  1. Lightning Dragon

    Full Moon Breeding Den

    Full Moon Breeding Den ATTENTION!!!! I NEED A CLONER, ANYONE WHO CAN CLONE VM/PM ME. GOOD THINGS WILL COME FROM PEOPLE WHO CAN HELP ME CLONE MY POKEMON Welcome to Arkis and Sabiah's breeding shop! Everything you see here will be freshly bred by my beginning hands. But I also need to breed...
  2. Lightning Dragon

    (yay) New hand drawn art~

    Since the old one was shut down due to me being totally inverse... I make new one... If that's fine. Arkis Epsilon Xyloto... http://arkis-xyloto.deviantart.com This is my DA, unfortunetaly, not much has been submitted... But a good amount of my new drawings are here ^^
  3. Lightning Dragon

    Death Mill (Dimir Mill, Ravnica block, - Gatecrash)

    This was my very first deck I got, and it's come a long way from a terrible basic mill, to screw everyone - consuming up your soul. So... milling! 64 cards, 24 lands, 8 instances, 21 creatures (100 with stolen identity), 11 sourceries. Lands: 24, used to be 30, and it ran so well... had...
  4. Lightning Dragon

    Evolution Simic [MTG - Return to Ravnica]

    Hiey all, I would kindly like.a light critisizm on my lightly, almost.finished Simic. ...Yes, i onlu have 48 cards, but the rest of them I'm buying off my boyfroend. So... Creatures: 24 Battering Krasis x3 Adaptive Snapjaw x3 Horizon Chimera x3 Cloudfin Raptor x3 Agent of Horizons x1...
  5. Lightning Dragon

    Yusei/Stardust Deck (With some random addings)

    Hello everyone. You may remember me getting my Tuner Deck rated, which... sorta failed. Now, I'm creating an all Stardust Deck. (Which I like to call Yusei/Stardust deck...) MONSTERS: 20 so far. Quillbolt x3 Speed Warrior x2 Stardust Assault x1 Junk Synchron x2 Tune Warrior x1 Malefic Stardust...
  6. Lightning Dragon

    Tuner Deck (Yu-Gi-Oh!)

    Alright... this is my first RMD thread, so I hope I don't run over the rules... ...because I need as much help with this as possible. Monsters - 17 Flamvell Guard Neo Flamvell Hedgehog Flamvell Archer Synchro Magnet x2 Changer Synchron x2 Flame Resonator x2 Wattfox Water Spirit Genex...
  7. Lightning Dragon

    Starvein's Hall of Glory

    Welcome to my Trade Shop. Shattered Souls is based off half of my fiction. But it's still a trade shop >_> Rules! The rules are simple. You follow them, you don't get infracted orso by mods...Simple? 1. Follow all SPPf and Trade Forum Rules. (This means the entire Trade Forum from Gen IV to...
  8. Lightning Dragon

    Fire Emblem

    Ah... any other Fire Emblem fans? I could at least say, that it's a wonderful game. I first played when I was in second grade. Now I play Awakening. Feel free to discuss it here. >:3 ....If no one else made this somewhat game thread, and or in the wrong forum ;~; I am sorry if it is.
  9. Lightning Dragon

    The Legendary Fire Emblem Club

    Hi, I'm Commander Cobali/Cobali, and welcome to The Fire Emblem Club. For Fire Emblem lovers, and fans alike. We shall join our alliances, and win against evil!! D:< Alright :3 so, this is basicly about the game Fire Emblem :D Anything you all can think of other then FE games, bring it on...
  10. Lightning Dragon

    Shattered Worlds -PG 13

    Shattered Worlds Prologue: The Triplet Bound Swords; Unbounded By Time Some violence will be coming within the next couple chapters... I've better ready them at school soon orso. ...And I repeat, this is my first story I've ever typed/written.. some people think it's epicly epic...
  11. Lightning Dragon

    My Hand Drawn Art~

    Heyoo all, it is I; Cobali, here to show you some of my hand drawn stuff Pokémon, and maybe some non Pokémon wise stuff by me. http://s1164.beta.photobucket.com/user/Hydri-Lugia-Arceus/media/IMG_20130202_130809_881_zpsfb205249.jpg.html here was my first try at a Serperior, its small... but oh...
  12. Lightning Dragon

    Sonic The Hedgehog Fan Club

    Good evening, I am Cobali; also known as several other names by my bio, and welcome to the This is the club for the game series animes/t.v. shows and comics of the Sonic the Hedgehog. For, as, Sonic is cool, and now we can talk about him and the adorable chao! :D These are the rules, You...
  13. Lightning Dragon

    Return of the Code Lyoko Warriors Club~

    Hi, I'm Commander Cobali/Cobali, and welcome to The Lyoko Warriors Club! :D It's been 5 years sience we've all seen Lyoko on television, and it is nice to finally see it comming back this year or next! Right onto thy rules~ Rules! I. Follow all SPPF and Club Forum Rules. II. Please stay...
  14. Lightning Dragon

    Code Lyoko Disscussion

    I know some of you might not remember Code Lyoko... but, some of you might remember it, and this is a place for discussiing it. Goes from this way Games, Anime, Cartoon (whichever Lyoko is...), and website. So.... enjoy talking about Lyoko, everyone~
  15. Lightning Dragon

    DS Game Sync problem, have to reset Black on DW, when its been on DW for about a year

    Uhmm... My Black, thats been linked with DW for about a year now, wont let me take my Charmander out, last month, i linked it to my W2's Memory Link, then, 2 days ago, at night, i registered my W2's number into DW, and.... now i have to set up BOTH my Black and W2, I... need to figure out what...
  16. Lightning Dragon

    PMD: Favourate Pokemon?

    This is on which Pokemon is the Faveourate....... Mine is obviously Lugia...
  17. Lightning Dragon

    This Black/white team is shiny based for unovas destruction...

    Hmmm these pokemon range from shine legend to none legends but shiny... I'm almost complete I just need 3 other shinies for my team but first 3 shinies for my planed team are: Non-evolved shiny vulpix with ability draught (I swear I can't spell that word for nothing) but she is a shiny Vulpix...
  18. Lightning Dragon

    I am new:) Pokemon rulz!

    is this the newbies thread? i love the pokemon but i love Dark pokemon for some weird reason... i used to love dragon pokemon... Can i ask what can we talk about on these threads? i dont want to... i forgot the words i was looking for... how unfortunite...