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    Can anyone help me?

    first off i wasnt completely sure where this thread would go, and secondly does anyone have a torchic / combusken / blaziken that you could breed and trade to me? it'd b greatly appreciated :D
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    everyones so friendly =p much nicer then other gaming forums (halo 3)
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    hey thanks for the add, loving the forums(; u checkout my sandstorm team yet?

    hey thanks for the add, loving the forums(; u checkout my sandstorm team yet?
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    Sandstorm Team (plz rate/comment)

    ya thanks for pointing that out, i fixed one on snorlax for fire punch, i dont have any other pokemon who kno a fire move =p
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    Sandstorm Team (plz rate/comment)

    Edited, i took some advice from darkerones, thank you for your help!
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    Hey everyone im new to the forums, but extreamly familiar with the site and POKEMON (; first got the game when i was about 7 and got hooked ever sense, just got into breeding and EV training this year, looking forward to creating some beastly teams, im very friendly n if u got any questions id...
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    Sandstorm Team (plz rate/comment)

    Empoleon@Torrent /w/ Chople Berry Nature: Modest Characteristic: Mischievous EV's: 158 HP, 252 SpA, 100 Spe - Surf - Aqua Jet - Grass Knot - Ice Beam First up i have Empoleon, this is odd? why not tyranitar?! hes mainly a scout, he has some speed EV's so he can be faster then many others, if...