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    So it seems that the only main character who'll never appear again is Misty

    Brock- we should see him again as a doctor(especially Ash), will appear someday for sure Dawn- should meet Iris and to appear at least one more time, might appear in Hoenn BF May- might appear in Johto BF after the Unova league, still should tell us if she won the Johto GF Tracey- will...
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    So I think we can safely say now that Ash won't win the Unova league

    After seeing him losing in 4 leagues, he had this "mini-league" to prove he can win at least this. But of course, our loser can't win anything, and surely not a league. Get ready to another semi final in the Unova league. If he can't win the Don tournament, now it's pretty sure that he will...
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    A Like button, maybe?

    I've seen that in many popular sites and forums, like Youtube, and even Bulbagarden, there is a Like button. I thought that maybe this forum can have it too. What do you think? Can you mods add the Like button?
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    So Iris and Dento are getting a LOT MORE screentime than Misty and Brock

    Look at the 20 titles from BW019 - BW038. BW19, 26, 38: Dento BW27, 28, 30, 36: Iris. I don't think Misty and Brock got so many episodes in so little time, In 1 gap.
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    The Anime Spoilers mods

    Hi. i see that this can't be discussed in the Forum Suggestion thread, so i will talk about it here. I've been thinking about the mods, and it seems that only one of them is actually an active mod (in this particular section), Juputoru. Yes, i know that people can't be on the forums all...
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    which is the best? Gengar,Mismagius,Drifblim or Dusclops?

    who is the best ghost type? Gengar,Mismagius,Drifblim or Dusclops?
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    So now it's confirmed - Dento will be the third main character with Ash and Iris

    After today's events, we finally know who will be with Ash and Iris in the journey - Dento. He is the first gym leader in Isshu, which confirm that he will be with Ash and Iris in the journey, probably after Ash will beat him in the gym battle. http://pokebeach.com/news/0810/dento.jpg So...
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    Do you think they make a mistake by making Iris little brown?

    Mods you can lock it if you want^^^ I think that the creators/writers or whoever they are, did a big mistake when the make Iris with a brown skin. The main girl was always with normal skin color, what the point of making her with brown skin? I don't like it, you too?
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    So Barry, Conway and Paul are also rely almost only on new/reserves pokemon?

    From what we see in Sinnoh League, all the rivals' pokemon that were before, are out from the league battles, even if they were strong/impressive in the past. Nando is OK, he used only 1 new pokemon, Armaldo. But Barry, Conway and Paul are seems like they forgot their rest and using new...