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    can sombody tell me what the best nature for a squirtle is??? and mods if this is a stupid qeustion just delete it
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    if i look at my profeil it says i have 86 posts but if i click on Find all posts by youssef20138 it says i have 240 posts so why doesn't my rank goes up please help me
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    in the cave at evergrande city there is a trainer named vito thats weird becuase the trainer named vito is starring in the episode of candid camerupt when you battle him he will say something like"i battled with my family'' and when you remeber in the episode the family of vito says we always...
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    the strongest pokemon at lv.5

    if there was a contest for the strongest lv.5 pokemon wich pokemon would you choose i would say a lv.5 kyogre(if you use cheats)
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    What is the best pokemon game?

    i think it is poekmon yellow i like it when ;025; walks after you