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    Troubles of modern society

    I was thinking the other month whilst watching the August riots and recession troubles on TV and asked myself, 'Is modern society a good thing?' My point is that if we had not created a society of which we all need to conform, would there be any troublemakers or stereotypes? If we hadn't...
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    Time to get sorted

    Okay, so I recently got beaten in my first wi-fi battle, and decided to take a good look at my team. I know the natures won't be great and one or two moves aren't any good, but I'm up for help! • Samurott • Torrent • Naughty - Surf - Aqua Tail - Swords Dance - Slash • Scrafty •...
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    Future Pokemon Black team

    Again, not sure on natures and items. Daikenki -Hydro Pump -Surf -Vengeance (or retaliation, not sure on what the name is) -Aqua Tail Reshiram -Cross Flame -Blue Flame -Outrage -Dragon Pulse I'm thinking maybe to small a type range in this moveset, but I'm not sure on...
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    My white team

    Future white team ( I forgot in title) Not sure on natures and items Jaroda -Leaf Blade -Leaf Storm -Coil -Dragon Tail Not sure about Leaf Storm Zekrom -Cross thunder -Lightening Strike -Outrage -? Shibirudon -Wild Bolt -Zap Cannon -Crunch -Thunderbolt Too many electric moves, so maybe...
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    Future heart gold party

    My future hg party. Not sure on some of the move sets and natures. Item ideas are welcomed. Feraligatr Brave -Hydro pump -Super power -Aqua tail -Thrash Ho-oh Gentle -Sky attack -Sacred fire -Fire blast -Brave bird Ampharos Modest -Charge -Discharge -Thunder...
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    my team

    A party that I've put together on platinum. Item ideas please. Tropius Calm -Sunny day -Solar beam -Synthesis -Leaf storm Rapidash Hasty -Flare blitz -Fire blast -Bounce -Flamethrower Shuckle Impish -Toxic -Power trick -Earthquake -Stone edge Nidoking Lonely -Earth...
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    Eeveelution team

    You probably see a lot of eeveelution teams. Not sure about what items they should hold. Espeon Mild -Future sight -Phychic -Morning sun -Zen headbutt Jolteon Hasty -Thunder fang -Thunder -Thunder wave -Discharge Leafeon Impish -Leaf blade -Synthesis -Sunny day...
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    my diamond team

    please rate (I know how fly and hyper beam-ish moves are not great, but I can't think of any good moves to change them with, so any ideas are welcomed greatly) Empoleon@mystic water (lv100) Quiet Torrent -Hydro cannon -Hydro pump -Drill peck -Brine Dialga@adamant orb (lv100) Mild...
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    my leaf green team

    rate please Blastoise@Mystic water Torrent -Hyper beam -Hydro cannon -Hydro pump -Blizzard Nidoking@Focus band Poison point -Horn drill -Megahorn -Thrash -Earthquake Magmar@Charcoal Flame body -Fire blast -Iron tail -Seismic toss -Toxic Espeon@Lax incense Synchronize...
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    my team

    please rate Infernape@Charcoal Blaze -Blast burn -Flare blitz -Close combat -Focus blast Giratina@Griseous orb Levitate -Shadow force -Outrage -Earth power -Fly Gastrodon@Mystic water Sticky hold -Earthquake -Surf -Ice beam -Muddy water Drapion@Poison barb Battle...