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  1. GoldenHouou

    Beau Monde [r]

    On the road, far from home. But you don't have to feel alone Brave and strong, together we will be We can change the world if we try ~ ♫ ~ B E A U M O N D E sign ups Elite Five HQ, Sinnoh Early Morning A Swellow glided across the morning skies of Sinnoh. A chilly wind spurred the bird...
  2. GoldenHouou

    Beau Monde [su][r][private]

    Everybody wants to be a master Everybody wants to show their skills Everybody wants to get there faster Make their way to the top of the hill ~ ♫ ~ rp thread Well, here you are; at the top of the hill. You battled your way across the region, capturing and training your very own team of...
  3. GoldenHouou

    Sacrilege [R]

    ~~~ SACRILEGE (n) violation of what is regarded as sacred. sign ups [full] ~~~ You did not sleep well last night. From the very moment sleep seeped into your tired mind, you found yourself thrust into a nightmare - one so realistic that it made you question all you knew of reality. You felt...
  4. GoldenHouou

    Sacrilege - A Legendary Pokémon RP [R]

    ~~~ SACRILEGE (n) violation of what is regarded as sacred. rp thread ~~~ Legendary Pokémon. Since the beginning of time, trainers and travellers alike have traversed lands unknown to so much as catch a glimpse of these mythical beings. Unlike their more common counterparts, many of these...
  5. GoldenHouou

    GH´s Sprite...thread?

    GH's Sprite... thread? Oookay, so I have made some Sprites (Well, a lot, but not all were even bearable) So, anyway First off, Scratch/customs: This was reguested by MasterMan in PC, as well as the next one. A whale Poké in different poses and its first form. My Ho-Oh...