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    RMT White.

    so my team is a little bit scrappy right now... but here we goooo Shiny Metagross(level 65) Brave (wont change cuz of shiny) -Earthquake -Meteor Mash -Stealth Rock -Explosion Shiny Haxorus(level 61) Jolly (wont change cuz of shiny) -Dragon Claw -Brick Break -Dragon Dance...
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    Pokemon White RMT balanced

    I have my starting 5... But I need a 6th... I'm getting a shiny axew for my shiny sawsbuck... So I'm thinking shiny haxorus will be my 6th. But I need a moveset for him... And as for my team at the moment Golurk-lvl44-adamant (any suggestions for diff moves? Especially him being adamant) Fly...