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    >>>> Closed Thread Container <<<<

    I feel that the games improve with each and every new generation, and Black and White did just that. I really love the improved frame rate for battles, which are very swift now. Animations are great, but it feels a little more streamlined in that regard, which (I think) is wonderful. Plot and...
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    What's Your Favorite and/or Least Favorite Pokemon/Type?

    Least favorite would definitely have to be Infernape. I find it to be a combination of Blaziken and Primeape. Is it good in competitive battling? Sure, but I really don't like it. Favorite, though, would be a tie between Porygon-Z and Zoroark. Guess I like Nasty Plot Sweepers with "Z" in the...
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    Why hasn't the magna been made a television series, yet?

    You make an excellent point there. If another studio did pick it up, that will solve all the problems of generation displacement, different demographics, and so on.
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    Wait... didn't I see this exact same PotW four years ago?

    Look on the bright side- better to get it out of the way NOW so we don't have to deal with them when the competitive battling for Gen V develops further.
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    Interracial Dating, your thoughts?

    I'm not white, I'm Indian (as in from the country India), and it's a common stereotype that Indians are heavily against interracial marriage, seeing as there are arranged marriages, blah blah blah. I'm fortunate enough to have parents that don't give a crap about who I date, as long as she won't...
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    Are you playing as boy or girl?

    Guy. If I was the girl, my friends would look at me veeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeery weirdly. And that's not the best thing for me. XD
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    Why hasn't the magna been made a television series, yet?

    Quite simply, just because it's a good manga (and, in my opinion, a very good one at that), doesn't necessitate an animé counterpart. Several users above pretty much stated the main reasons why I in fact love the Special. It's different, not repetitive, and so on. Simply put, it's not a great...
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    Like anime subbed or dubbed? ~ Where the concept of Uncut DVDs still hasn't sank in.

    I would like to be able to choose between the two and judge for myself, as sometimes, that's the best way to do it (in my opinion). Let's say both the dubbed and subbed versions of an animé are good. Perfect example would be FullMetal Alchemist: Brotherhood. Both sub and dub are absolutely...
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    Well, good to be here on the forums! I'm SNaG, and I am here, obviously, because I am a fan of Pokémon, from Gold and Silver. I'm not as huge a fan nor as skilled a battler as many people here are, but I love to battle with other people, meet new people, and just have some good fun, you know...