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    Hiya! While not exactly new to the forum, I have been lurking around here for a long time, yet didn't bother to post much or at all. Only recently became really active on the forums. I am a long time Pokemon fan, watched it since the beginning. Skipped most of DP except the League and...
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    Pokemon in regions

    I didn't see a thread about this, so I thought I'd make one. I am writing a new Pokemon fanfiction, starting a new trainer out on a journey (of course with a lot of twists, but I start out normal). And I have been thinking, if I start him out in a specific region like Kanto, should I have...
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    General leveling question

    I pulled Crystal out of the gutter today and have been playing all day again, but I have never tried the following. If I level say Poliwag to 25 and then Poliwhirl to lvl 51 to let it learn Mindreader, if I use the Water Stone to evolve it into Poliwrath, will it still learn Hydro Pump then...