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    The iPod Touch App Game!

    It's very simple. The person above will name an iPod app and you rate that app and wright a comment on it! You then name an app under that. If you don't know the above persons app, you can either: a) Not answer b) search it on the app store and look at info on it c) Say "I don't know...
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    Cell phones.

    Cell phones..... mans best friend. Womens best bud. Talkit up bot cellphones i guess.
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    PTC (Pokemon Thrasher Community)

    This fan fic is permitted to all ages. Thanks for checking this out. :D PM List: None ATM PTC Prolouge Our story begins in a realm where pokemon are capable of the English tounge. There arn't really any humans except for maybe in Tupop, but that's litterally on the other side of the...
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    Whats your favorite kind of donut?
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    Do you use Photobucket, *******, or other?

    Do you use photobucket, *******, or other to download ur pics onto this site?
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    What's the least amount of eggs it took you to hatch a shiny?

    How many eggs did it take you to hatch a shiny using the MM? I've never hatched one with MM'ing... Go Crazy!
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    If you had an Eevee in real life, what would you evolve it into?

    The name says it all :) Personally id have leafeon cause they're the least destructuve.
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    Smokey the Bear

    I use the basic smokey the bear deck. Any ratings? (If u don't know what a smokey the bear deck is, just ask on this thread) Go nuts
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    If you could be any pokemon, what would you be?

    If you could be any pokemon, what would YOU be? Example: Arceus cause i can destroy my enimies. Go nuts.
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    Favorite Baseball Team

    If you live in USA, whats your favorite major league baseball team?