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    Mario and Luigi Superstar Saga:Please Help Me!

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    Most Beautiful Pokemon

    1: Flareon 2: Vaporeon 3: Ponyta
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    HA! I knew Chikorita was screwed up!
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    your favourite in-game music?

    I always liked the path between Viridian Forest and Pewter Ciy in RBY, especially when playing it on the N64. Do do do do do do do do do do do do do do dooodododo *clap clap*
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    you bet I do
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    Your first episode

    hehe wow. I saw 'Pokémon I Choose You' the day the first movie came out
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    It can't be true. Chikorita's face is messed up. They wouldent mess up Chikorita's face.
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    do you think mime jr will envolve

    if Cacnea hasn't evolved, Mime Jr. definatly wont
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    Do You Like Negima?

    Oooo I love it. I freaked when i saw it at my bookstore. Too bad I didn't have money :/
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    Hiya Peoples!

    Hello! You can Pm me or add me to your firend list. I won't beg.
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    Sexy Ball Works better on Pokemon May has
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    Pokemon dreams you had?

    I had a dream that NIntendo was doing a super-rare event. Turn into a Pokémon. You had to drink this Red stuff (Charizard) yellow stuff (pika) or blue stuff (squirtle) It took me so long to decide i woke up before i even got to.
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    Hi everyone ^^

    I don't know why, but i fell out of my chair from laughing at this post. I'm too hyper. I should have tried that...thing...
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    Hi everyone ^^

    Ok i finally got around to adding you to the friend list XD Now if i can be un-lazy enough to PM...ha...that'll be the day
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    Pokémon Colors Face-off!

    Sneasel for me.
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    Personal battling style

    Mine would fight calmly but brutally, and always strike swiftly, giving the opponent no chance to strike back. Also what Akerin said with the Pokémon knowing what to do, but I would get bored and usually give the commands. So basicly, just like Brago and Sherry from 'Zatch Bell!!'
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    Hi everyone ^^

    You kidding? half the books I own set place in Scotland. Its like, uber awsome.
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    What manga does your school/public library carry?

    Of course, mine only carries...Naruto...*hisses*
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    *~Newbie at Serebii~*

    Hey there. You can PM me for anything or...whatever.
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    Do some people you know call pokemon pokeman???

    My friends dad calls it that. My grandpa calls the show Pikachu Oo