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  1. DBK

    LF: Shiny Eevee

    I'm looking for: Shiny Timid Male Eevee Shiny Modest Female Eevee Shiny Adamant Female Eevee Shiny Calm Female Eevee Not looking for perfect IVs just a competitively beneficial set. This is urgent because my fiancee needs these so she can start playing Ultra Sun (she wants a shiny competitive...
  2. DBK

    LF: Female Shiny Popplio

    I'm looking for a female shiny Popplio. Modest nature is preferred but any nature that is competitively beneficial will do. IVs don't have to be perfect but would prefer a competitively beneficial set. This is urgent as my fiancee needs one so we can officially start playing USUM (yeah I know...
  3. DBK

    Contest Conundrum

    Fellow forum members, I am falling behind in this contest and need your help!!! If I can make top 10, I will take one of you with me to the last game (if you happen to reside in Jersey). And if I manage to win it all, I'll share the tickets! Thank you! You can vote once a day until April 4th...
  4. DBK

    My 2011 VGC Team

    INTRO This is my potential team for the 2011 VGCs. I haven't made a proper team before (I usually patch one together from the teams that I see here and practice with it on PO). Most of the sets here are cut and paste from the Team Building Guide thread (some from the Single Rates thread) with...
  5. DBK

    Pokemon Battle Revolution Championship!!!

    *To whichever mod looks this over: you can scrap the other tournament I sent in for approval. This is the refined version. And I am sorry about the "joke". That wasn't very nice of me.* Welcome to the Pokemon Battle Revolution Championship!!! This tournament will be run by me (DBK) and...