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    The Experiment-The Face-off of Tomorrow

    x10 hurt IMS
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    never-ending cheat

    you forget about buying it, so you buy destiny deoxys instead.
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    Practical Jokes to Play on Father Christmas

    Put a radio control car out of control, then when it smashes into Santa (if it does) he'll drop all the presents and you'll know what they're shapes are because you won't have to dig deep into the stocking.
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    the curse game

    *escapes noobs by using latios protect* I curse the next poster to be lowered to the centre of the earth (You will be crushed and burnt, and also, dead).
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    Is registeel any good

    I think it's rather good. I only have one Regi to catch on my Sapphire, Regice, because the way to open it's door SUCKS!
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    The R/S/E Scramble Challenge!!!

    Pokemon Man, your final pokemon will be Blaziken.
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    The Experiment-The Face-off of Tomorrow

    Hey guys, I'm back! x10 hurt IMS.
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    the curse game

    *somewhat turns out as a frog* I curse the NP to die.
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    never-ending cheat

    give away your password.
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    You're banned.

    Bananed becaus of my password.
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    Practical Jokes to Play on Father Christmas

    Basically try and think of a joke to play on Father Christmas. Here are five examples: Instead of putting out mince pies and sherry, leave him a glass of water, a piece of bread and a note saying you heard he was on a diet. Leave him a note saying you've gone away and could he let the...
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    The Super Effectiveness Game

    Golem uses Earthqake.
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    never-ending cheat

    then you find what appears to be an action replay, followed by a Zigzagoon, dead on the floor...
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    Gym Brother - The No1 Reality Show for Gym Leaders!

    I vote out Sabrina coz Winona's cute!
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    The ask a stupid question, get a stupid answer game

    Beacuse there's no bigger adventure than having kids. Why do Ferraris eat you?
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    the curse game

    *finds a way to get out* I curse the next poster to get eaten by a monster truck ferrari.
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    the one above^ version whatever v2

    ^has a fusion of umbreon and rapidash in his sig.
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    The Experiment-The Face-off of Tomorrow

    x10 heal Navel Rock
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    Scizor's Everything Shop!

    thanks for mine!
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    legendary face off

    Triple hurt Zapdos.