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    The Anagram Game

    Yes, very original name. Okay, If there is another thread like this I might have overlooked it ~ Do mods also proof read my English? That'd be helpful ~ Rules ● All SPPf rules applies ● We will keep the anagrams to pokemon names, or else people might not guess it. ● I believe the word...
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    Rate my team (Please?) and need a sixth member.

    I am putting a new team together, trying the styles. Looking which one I like to use. I just can never figure out what items to give my pokémon. I really suck at that... End up with things like mystic water, miracle seeds and such .-. Also, I think their moves reallllly suck xP Please help me ~...
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    You cry when you watch a sad scene in pokémon anime/movie?

    You cry when you watch a sad scene in pokémon anime/movie? Yeah I was kind of curious if you guys cry when you watchsad scenes in pokémon. I certainly do xD Anime I don't remember in which season anymore I think it was season one. I cried when Ash wanted to leave pikachu behind. Or that...
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    Food in Pokémon

    Food in Pokémon Okay, this question has been bothering me for quite a long time... What do people in the pokémon world eat? I mean sure they eat vegetables and so, but also meat right? Where they get the meat? Do they eat... Pokémon for that then? As far that Ive watched pokémon, I've...
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    Pokéalphabet Okay, Pokéalphabet! This game seemed to be difficult for the most of you,... I don't know where it went wrong, but let's change the rules a bit shall we? Maybe this will be much easier and also matches the title. Explanation As the title says it, we are going to make our...