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    How long do Ash's journey take in real time?

    ok so 7 was the age i started...and know i'm 16(still watching)...so basically it is one really long year if you ask me...with more then one christmas and more then one of every season... but i got proof that ash is 11 not 10...you wont to know what it is...it's in a pikachu short... he...
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    Ash's Team for Sinnoh League?

    i think someone is spamming thats what... also could care less about blast burn, technically that would only waeken infernape...a turn to recover... i think it will be the same pknm, allexept for the maybe evolution of buezel...but i don't see that happening.... thunderblade12 explaind...
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    DP135 - Everbody Participate! Pokemon Hustle! Speculation Thread.

    why do i get the feeling that it will be rocket agenst some orginazation that noone has or ever will hear from again...this episode just shouts these 2 people are totally going to jip you and trick you...just look at the kids, they have sunglasses on and carry suitcases...
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    Just wondering....

    of couse it will be and they will probly turn it into an hour long special, but they always have the rival battles be longer then the usual time, sometimes it goes into 3 episodes, but ends right at the beginging... plus we got the glactic arc that will be appearing shortly soon...i...
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    When did James get Weepinbell??

    please use this thread if you have a question that doesn't require more then one person to answer it: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=357026 thank you
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    What happened to Raikou?

    i think it is because he isn't as popular as the other 2 legendiarys are. i think that because his power is thunder, and since pikachu is an electric mouse, they desided that there is enough lighting in this series... also not that easy to make a shory out of...but they could have used him...
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    How would you feel about a Pokemon Academy Spinoff Series?

    awfull idea, since the whole story would just be sitting in a classroom learning, and the occasial battle. it wouldn't have the same feel or plot it did as in ...*eeewww*yugioh gx, since for some dumb reason cards controle the world, and the goverment still doesn't know about it...besides that...
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    it just depends on how much trust the trainer and the pknm have, like how as everyone says that you need to have a strong bond in order to have your pknm feel that it can go on farther for it's trainer. it also depends on how much or how hard you push your pknm, if the pknm is recovering...
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    Could Paul be scared of Ash?

    yeah ashs pknm are something ot be afraid of when you look at the niddy griddy, but i would never think that paul is afraid of ash, i think he just hates him, since he is so well known and has done things that not even his own brother (regi) could do. but he acts like he's just some kid that...
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    DP134 - King Of The Forest! Tangrowth! Speculation Thread

    yes mamo isn't ready for contests...but besides that... TANGROWTH IS GOING TO APPEAR OMG!!!OMG!!!OMG!!! HE'S MY FAVORITE PKNM I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!! *screems like a little girl*...sorry what the flip is up with shooting lazers...i hate the episode already...but at hte same time i love it...
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    Call me crazy

    this topic has always come up with brock being dropped and someone new coming in his place. this has nothing to do wit hthe anime itself we arn't in controle of what happens...
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    ...k i'll be your friend... woot wooot !!!!

    ...k i'll be your friend... woot wooot !!!!
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    will misty make an apperence in sinnoh?

    ...or they could not...tocitic is in hoenn in some marage place, so i don't think they will somehow bring that back... the only reason that i can see her coming back for is to see ash and brock and... 1. see ash battle or do something really important...or 2. see ash and brock...and enter...
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    Something I Just Realised...

    he doesn't do that anymore, or do we ever see the begining of and episode that was the end of a battle...well we just haven't seen that many kinds of battles ware he is really battling...most of the battling is just the distruction of TR mechas. so there really isn't any battling... also...
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    DP125: Cherubi! Brave Battle!? Speculation Thread

    i feel that the out come of this episode will end with the same out come as the last episode that had a real gril confess her feelings to him... ep: The Heartbreak of Brock that was an episode ware some chick was just like brock and confessed with every guy that she saw...so i feel it will...
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    No Tangela

    rotoms not a legendary pknm it's just a rare pknm. like there are very few in igsistance...it's not one of a kind... Blue Snover what makes you think that james will get the tangela, probly no one in the cast will get one and if anyone were to it would be brock...i don't know why i just get...
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    thanks man, i'll read it as soon as i have time

    thanks man, i'll read it as soon as i have time
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    Torterra or Infernape?

    i like torterra, but since grotle just learned rock climb...i don't think that we will be seeing a giant turtle go running up a hill...but i can see an easy to draw and more monuverable infernape in the future...
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    Ambipom - No more?

    ...i have to say that when i saw how the ping pong guy wa strying to perswade dawn...i was like no way is she going to give up ambipom...then about 2 min later i almost have the police come knocking on my door for all the yelling i did at my computer due to ambipom leaving... ...i then...
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    No Tangela

    i know that movies have nothing ot do with the anime itself, but it still shows pknm that we don't see usually...or for a while... i was just exited thats all when i saw it... what do you think the plot of the episode would be and the point of the tangela if it were to appear...?