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    I saw this topic in the generation IV discussion forum, and then I thought about it a little bit. Before I fight The first Gym Leader (or the initial rival battle when applicable) I always evolve my starter Pokemon and I always have at least one other Pokemon on my team that is the same level...
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    Computer Programming

    I'm currently learning C++ at my university, and I got to thinking. How many of Serebii's users are familiar with any programming languages? Before the year is over, I'd like to write at least one simple game using C++, and I'd like to see what other people have done.
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    Version Favorites

    Whenever I start a new game, there's always one or two Pokemon that I must always capture at the start. I'm sure many fans do this very same thing. RBY: Pikachu, Caterpie GSC: Zubat, Geodude RSE: Ralts, Shroomish DPPt: Shinx, Drifloon What are your beginning Pokemon of choice?
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    Pokemon-Related Knowledge You Aren't Proud Of

    What are some things you know about the Pokemon universe that you aren't necessarily proud of? I can distinguish every single Pokemon cry, barring the Pokemon that have the same cry. People aren't usually impressed by this. I can state the base power (within 5) of any attack with a fixed...
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    Ska Music

    Does anybody even know what Ska is? Ska is probably my current favorite genre, and whenever I explain this to people, nobody seems to know what I'm talking about. Sure, it's more of an underground thing. Hell, they don't even get a ton of representation at Warped Tour, but I think it's an...
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    Skaisdead and a Sprite Thread

    This is my first formal sprite thread, so bear with me. All of my sprites are 100% scratch, including my devamps. All of the colors have been extracted from existing official sprites. I plan on adding a lot more, and possibly an entire Fakedex eventually. The images are GIF. I didn't realize...
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    Types and Effectiveness

    Perhaps I'm looking too far into this, but what physical composition of a Pokemon's body cause it to resist and be weak to different elemental forces? It makes sense that Regirock or Registeel would be rock and steel types respectively, as that it what their bodies are made of, but Chimchar...
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    Longest chains

    Chaining is such a tedious process. You get so many, and then another Pokemon comes along to ruin your fun. What's the longest chain you've ever achieved? I got 56 Voltorb before a Kadabra was all "lol hai wuts goin on here!" And then 38 Smoochum.
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    Park Balls

    I'm curious exactly as to how the game handles Park Balls. Is it actually coded into the game as an item, or is that just for appearances? I suppose it makes sense that it wouldn't be, seeing as how it retains all of the trainer information of the Pokemon when it is captured, not to mention that...
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    Pokemon that confused you

    Are there any Pokemon that confuse you or used to confuse you? When I first saw Groudon, I thought it was a fire type. And when I first saw Azurill, I assumed it was a water type.
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    Version Titles

    I'm sure it's a coincidence, but did anyone else notice this? Gold - Metal Silver - Metal Crystal - Precious Stone Diamond - Precious Stone Pearl - Precious Stone Platinum - Metal Not only this, but they take place at the same time as well. Do you think gamefreak did this on purpose?
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    Pokemon in the wild

    I don't know how many people have noticed this, but I found it to be rather interesting. Certain Pokemon, like Jynx and Lapras, exist in the wild, but not in the Generation in which they were introduced. For example, Jynx is available for trading in Red and Blue, but it only appears in the...
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    Project RBYDex

    Project RBYDex is the comprehensive redrawing of every Pokemon sprite as though it would have appeared in Pokemon Red and Blue. Here are a few examples: For more, visit http://project-rbydex.deviantart.com/.
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    BT Help

    The longest streak I've ever gotten was 49. I lost right after I beat Palmer the second time. Dragonite @ Persim Berry Naive (+Spd, -SpD) Thunderpunch Outrage Aerial Ace Dragon Dance Blissey @ Leftovers Quiet (+SpA, -Spd) Aromatherapy Flamethrower Thunderwave Softboiled...