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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    I'm not sure about Serena going neutral for the whole fight ! She is really involved in Ash's quest since the very beginning and I don't think she is going to be neutral all along it just because Ash is facing Clemont. Yes, Clemont is her friend but Ash is far more important to her :D He is also...
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    Tomato girl huh ? :D In my opinion, it is not just a "battle stance". His left arm is protecting Serena with the clenched fist meaning (to me) "You shall not pass" :p and his right arm is like commanding an order attack to Pikachu. I'm not sure if someone can provide a gif for this scene...
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    Well, Serena blushed when Elle said she is a cute girl ! Should we be worried ? :p About the whole "Tierno is going to be a rival for Amourshipping": Definitively not ! Even if I got a bit anxious by the kneeling scene, this episode totally reassured me. She just blushed because she felt...
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    I disagree. I don't see any smile on his face to be honest. Errr... I would have been so happy to see Red ! As least in the Mega Evolution anime because he doesn't belong the original one. An Alan vs Red (with his M-Venusaur) battle would be so cool :D
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    Hello there ! To be honest, after I read your posts I was kinda worried for Amour but after I saw the so-called scene, I got a bit reassured ! Well, there is ABSOLUTLY no smiles in that scene with Tierno kneeling before Serena ! Ash seems completly neutral and I laughed about Bonnie's face...
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    That's mine ! A cute one !
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    Dayum, this is serious business ! :D I Hope it will ! Ash saving her, taking her in his arms (or on his back) and going through the fire, would be the best thing for Amour ! In my opinion, it's possible that happens because Ash is kinda reckless :rolleyes: Or... his Sliggoo, evolving in...
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    Event Trading Thread

    Hello, i'm looking for a specific Jirachi ! Event one with "Follow Me" move http://www.serebii.net/events/dex/385.shtml (its the third in the list) You can ask me anything but Pokemon with old gen moves (like Mew/Latios Defog). PM me ! Thanks !
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    5. The scene in XY021 when Serena wears the Fennekin suit ! Ash's face is literally priceless :D I'm sure this is the first time he ever saw a girl that cute ! 4. The end of XY026 when Miette warns her that she will confess Serena's feelings to Ash if she doesnt do it by herself. The way she...
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    True. I was looking for another female companion with such culinary skills but nothing comes out (Cilan maybe ? haha). I'd like to agree with you but there is the point : Ash's most favorite things are Pokemon battles and food so... I just mentionned Anabel because, in this episode, it was the...
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    Amourshipping General Discussion - V.2 *Spoiler Warning*

    As pokesrini said, the road blocks SatoSere will (probably) face are all about Ash... Not only because he isn't feeling that much for her (like she does for him) but because maybe, MAYBE, Ash would be interested by another type of girl ! I mean, he is a trainer right ? So a trainer girl (like...
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    XY Last Episode Ideas

    Yep, i think that the group will split up too... At least for Clemont and Bonnie ! Maybe we would have Serena for the next region ! It would be great but it will depend on the shipping. Another serie with the non-mutual feelings between Ash and Serena cant be ! People will freak out x)
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    Pokemon you wished Ash caught

    Kanto => Hitmonlee / Scyther Johto => nothing else except i would have loved if he kept the Larvitar ... :( Hoenn => Definitively Sableye ! As this Pokemon appears to be weak, it would have been great for Ash ! Cause he likes to take "weak" Pokemon with him and make them strong (as he did...
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    What happened to Gary?

    I never understood the "Gary case". He lost vs Ash on Johto league and decided to be a researcher and he becomes one in D/P but... How old is he in D/P ? Cause if he started his journey when he was 10 (like Ash), how did he manage to become a researcher so quickly ? :o It is brainf***ing me x)...
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    Battling With Elegance and a Big Smile (867)

    - About Serena : I just like her more and more ! After she decided to cut her hair, i was "wow she really did that" and i found this interesting because it showed how determinate she is to become a new person (the "old" Serena was quite fearful about realizing her dreams) and, of course, a Kalos...
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    Battle Me Thread - Overused (OU) Battles

    Hello ! Add me if you wanna battle sometimes (VGC15 and OU 6v6 only) :) just send me a PM with your IGN ^^ FC : 0147 - 1920 - 6007 | IGN : Séb
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    Hello there ! I'm looking for some people battling in 6v6 in ORAS in order to try my teams ! :) FC : 0147 - 1920 - 6007 | IGN : Séb
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    Delta Episode Discussion

    The Delta Episode was a real surprise to me ! Even if it was a bit short, it was very pleasant to play and it was very different of what i remembered on Pokemon's aftergame so far ! Getting further into the lore was so cool and the crossover (well, i hope it is) with AZ from X/Y was good, i...
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    Legendary Pokémon Discussion

    What Gamefreak did in ORAS is just fantastic ! I got a friend who started the game recently and he was very excited to have the possibility to capture those legendaries Pokemon :) As i was for Kyurem (i didnt play BW :x) and Giratina (currently shiny hunting him :P).
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    What do you say when someone says you're too old for Pokemon?

    If seomeone tells me that, i would simply say : " Is there an age to play any game ? "