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    Another question thread

    Well im am completely stuck.....I dont know where to fo what level i should be, so heres the problem. I purchesed Southern Islands, and i did a few missions i got in the post, but i havent had the thing that takes you to Norhtern Range, do i nedd to go through Fiery Field or Buried Relic...
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    A few questions

    I got pokemon Mystery Dungeon a few days ago, and i have a few questions, which the answers are not in the Strategy guide. Can you change your lead pokemon? Or because im a totodile, will all my team always follow him? Also can you control your team mates attacks? Or do they do it on there...
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    Double Threat Request Shack

    Hello, and welcome to mine and God_of_Wars request shop, it will be a joint effort to give you the best results ;) Rules 1. Normal Sppf rules 2. Please Give Credit 3. Do ont claim your request as your own work! 4. Enjoy your requests :p Tetsusaigas WindScar: Fusions: Form...
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    Now im a fan of animes that have these elements Action Adventure Humour Mystery Sometimes horror I thought of InuYasha FMA Wolfs Rein Nauto Can you suggest any others???
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    Im up and running just need help!

    Ok i have installed my Nintendo USB coonector and am configured, do i need to go on nintendo wi-fi.com to play someone? Also do i have to leave the Nintendo Wi-Fi USB Connector Regsitration Tool, open for it to work?
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    Comic Of Dumbness, revival!

    My old thread dies, so i re made it and i have started series 2, enjpy! This is a comic based around Team Magma (now Team Storm), Team Aqua (under new mangament), Team Leaf (apparent weetbix importers) Wes, uh Carl (he prefers to be called carl) And a Shadow Lugia Comics ---------...
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    Rate My Emerald Team! (<<Best title ever!)

    Salemence Impish Nature Dragon Claw FlameThrower Dragon Breath (needs changing) Ariel Ace Absol Still working on, i need a movepool and nature. Swampert Hardy Nature Muddy water Surf Need 2 more moves Metagross (Currently Metang though) Bold Nature Need a whole moveset...
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    Well aparently you cant ask for help building a team in the RMT section for some reason. my team has Salamence Swampert Sceptile Absol Metagross Im looking for a 6th pokemon but i dont know which to pick. If this is the wrong place, can someone tell me what is the right place?
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    Tetsusaigas Sprite Shop!

    My other shop was flooded by requests, apparently people didnt read when ever i said no more requests. Anyway this is my sprite shop, and enjoy! I do! Fusions Recolours Trainer Cards Battle Scenes Trophy pokemon and trainers Poke Trainers Glowing Pokemon Pokeballs Eggs Shadow...
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    I dont know if this is my computer oe seribii forums but everything is backwards, i dont know what the hell is happening, it was confusing enough to find out what i was doing, is it sppf?
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    Wait a minute!

    Ok, i have noticed a few things about Yu-Gi-Oh, so at the end the pharoh goes away, ok, but how is it the Pahroh gives Jaden the Kuriboh wing thing at the begging of Yu-Gi-Oh GX also the rumours about Yu-Gi-Oh capsule monsters, on a few images i saw, the Pharoh was there, how exactly did this...
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    You Tube?

    Ok, i want to view a clip that says you need to be signed into view, and be over 18, ok, so when i went to click on it, a page came up saying that to make certain clips that are flagged viewable for this account click confirm, so i clicked confirm, and nothing happened.....? Whats happening...
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    Is May overrated?

    I personally think she is, i have never liked her, she has a boring character, a typical teenager, thinks shes the best, sometimes hyper, i just dont think shes all that good, yet she has an amzing amount of fans, i do not see what is so special about her =/
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    Adventures Of Samus Aran! And Dark Samus,

    0.o Thats a long title. Anyway, i have made a new comic, based around Smaus and Dark Samus (there froends) trying to get Meta Ridly to give them back a humiliating photo of Samus, but hwat else a long the way? Comic 1 (The Picture!) Comic 2 (Kraid let himself go!) Comic 3 (Thats...
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    InuYasha vs. Naruto?

    Well i know i cant really say much, being as i havent seen Naruto yet, but the Uncut DVD's are coming out soon. But in many Anime Forums i have always seen a Poll about this for some reason, so i thought, why not make a thread here....... Well no one could guess what i will pick, lol :P...
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    GTA San andreas myths

    Has anyone heard about these? Bigfoot piggsy Jaws! And the random cars that spawn themselves and drive about 0.o It may be old news but i have just foond out. Has anyone got pictures for proof that these do infact exist in the game?
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    I wasnt sure where to put this. I was on The Spriters Resource looking for stuff for my comic when i found a place called Azalea town, is this legit, or made up?
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    Tetsusaigas Sprites!

    I may have a shop but this is here for me to get an idea of how i can improve, or just for people to marvel over, :P (yes im cocky, lol) EDIT: This is going to sound stupid, but my cat walked on my keyboard and made me post the thread before i uploaded the pictures so bare with me. , , , ...
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    Link up?

    Ok if this is the wrong section someone can close this, but i was wandering if you can put your emerald in a DS and put the Fire red in the GBA and put the wireless adapter on, can it still trade? Because they are both wirless?
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    The Comic of dumbness!

    If the comics appear small, click on them to enlarge them ;) This is a comic based around Team Magma (now Team Storm), Team Aqua (under new mangament), Team Leaf (apparent weetbix importers) Wes, uh Carl (he prefers to be called carl) And a Shadow Lugia Comics --------- Comic 1 (Team...