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    Shiny Hunters Hall Of Bad Luck

    This is a thread where you can post your worst times ever trying to soft reset for a shiny or a good natured pokemon. You can post how many hatched pokemon its taken, most shinies that have gotten away from you, longest amount of times or the most soft resets.
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    Your Newest Card

    This is a thread where you can post any new cards you've got from a pack deck whatever. I'll start off with my newest Latios Ex from the Ex Dragon set
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    Tcg Picture Shop

    ATS' and Light Venesaurs shop Heres Just A Shop Where Light Venesaur and I can Make You almost anything Rules: 1. Only Two Requests at a time 2. No Spamming 3. No flaming 4. if i don't do your request quickly just PM me and i will do it as quickly as possible Here Is The Form for my...
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    Weird Happenings Thread

    Her Is A Place To Say Any Strange Things You Encountered In MD, Ranger Or Trozei Heres Two Of My Own: 1. On MD It Says Xatu Looks Into The Sun All Day But Later In The Game When You Unlock Deoxys Dungeon It Says Xatu Was Down At Pokemon Square Shopping 2. I Encountered A Rescue Mission...
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    Funny Coincedences

    This is Where You can Talk About Funny Coincedences Heres an Example: I Was Once In the Battle Palace And I Was About To Battle a Trainer. I Just Randomly Said Crustacean And The Trainers First Pokemon Was a Kingler I Thought That was Pretty Funny. What Are Some of Yours?
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    EV Face-Off

    Welcome to the EV Face-Off it is where you vote for your favourite Pokemon that gives out a certain EV. It will be first to ten votes. You may vote every 5 hours or every round. The first round is going to be HP. here is the lineup Hp Ev pokemon Round 1: Caterpie vs Jirachi 10-3...
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    Tucker Fan Club

    This is The Fan Club For The Brilliant Dome Ace Tucker. This is a place where you can post Pictures or just talk about Tucker I will wait for some Members to join and have 3 Co-Owners before we can start making some Topics Rules: 1. No Spamming or Flaming. 2. Keep on Topic. 3. Don't join...
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    Metronome Recent Happenings Thread

    Mods Sorry if theres a Thread on this if there is you can close this thread Welcome this is the thread where you can talk about about what you've been doing with Metronome. I'll start off with my Togepi he just used Ice Beam, Superpower and Fly EDIT: lol it just used Eruption and fainted...
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    What are some natures you find fit pokemon perfectly i'm not meaning statwise but fits their personality a good example would be: Relaxed natured Snorlax Go ahead and point out some natures you think fit pokemons personality
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    The Type Challenge

    Ok here is the Type challenge it is a place where you decide a type for yourself and people will choose pokemon for you that come from that type. Well lets get started anyone suggest some grass types for me
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    *Mind Readers* Shiny Icon Shop

    Welcome all to my Shiny icon shop here all i do now is shiny icons but if the shop goes well i might add some new things. The shop is currently Open Here are some of my examples: Workers: *Mind Reader* Mewtwo returns-WBGs Waiting List: 1. -- 2. -- 3. -- 4. -- 5. -- 6. -- 7. --...
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    *Mind Readers* new spriting thread

    My old sprite thread died so i'm remaking it well i do mixes now and this is my first ever mix right here: Here are my other ones: New: Other things ive made: Siamese: Mini Pokemon:Pokeballs: New: NEW! shiny icons:
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    My Eggs And Pokemon Colour Sprites

    These are my eggs here these are my first but please tell me how to make them better: And these are just some things i made up and i called them Pokemon Colours and i just used the colours of the pokemon to make the outline here are some examples: Credit To Coronis...
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    *Mind Reader* Trainer Card shop

    Welcome to my TC shop i only do TCs. shop is Closing I Can now do every single badge there ever was and types on the cards Here are the rules: 1. Only 2 requests from 1 person at a time 2. Don't keep asking if I don't do your request right away 3. Don't steal anything, and don't forget to...
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    Kanto Starters Fan club

    Approved by Psi Umbreon Since the other one just died i decided to remake it and please dont let this one die Welcome To the Kanto Starters Fan club where it is the place to talk anything about Kato starters Rules: 1) All SPPf rules 2) Do not go off topic 3) No Bashing at all 4) NO...
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    Greta Fan Club

    Approved by Psi Umbreon Welcome To the Greta Fan club where it is the place to talk anything about Greta Rules: 1) All SPPf rules 2) Do not go off topic 3) No Bashing at all 4) NO swearing or cursing ever 5) No fighting, please ever 6) Me or any Co-Owner is allowed to ban you, if...
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    Best Ghost pokemon

    Who do you think is the best ghost type my favourite is Shedinja vote and tell us who you think