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  1. K

    Episode #38 - A.I. Warrior Porygon

    This episode is the infamous banned episode that caused nearly 700 kids in japan to go to the hospital due to the episode causing the kids to have seizures. Well I watched it today & it was very good. But just incase I skipped the part that caused such problems (of course I did play the part of...
  2. K

    1 Last mystery involving the Mystery Gift

    It's been bugging me all day, as we all know Serebii updated the website with how to use the Mystery Gift, well one thing that I didn't see in there was the this: To get a mystery gift such as Oak's Letter for example, to get it would you have to actually go to the event & use Get via...
  3. K

    Another "HI" thread!

    Hello, new here, I'm a big pokemon fan. My favorite pokemon is & will always be Mew.;151;