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    Rate my first competitive Team

    * Roserade(adamant) Sludge Bomb Energy Ball Weather Ball Sunny Day * Metagross(Rash) Meteor Mash Hammer Arm Magnet Rise Psychic * Charizard Flamethrower Earthquake Dragon Pulse Fly * Kabutops Rain Dance Ice Beam Water Pulse/Surf? Ancient Power Rotom Confuse Ray...
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    Darkrai Owners

    I have a bone to pick with not only Serebii, but almost all the people who have the TRU Darkrai. Firstly, why does every other pokemon trading page allow people to ask for the pokemon, but Darkrai's page only allows people to put up their Darkrais? Secondly, why does almost everyone who has the...
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    If Pokemon could have another type, what would it be?

    I am making my own region, and am planning on not only adding an extra type to existing pokemon, but also having the ability to have a third type for existing pokemon. What would the extra types be for existing pokemon? For example, Charizard and Gyrados should be dragon types, so: ;006...